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Adilisha Child Youth Development and Family Preservation

Adilisha Child Youth Development and Family Preservation

Mwanza, Tanzania

Adilisha has three focus areas called pillars:

 1. Pillar 1: Children and Youth Development

The first pillar focuses on the protection and development of vulnerable children and youth and aims at providing a safe and supportive environment, educational support, social life skills, psychosocial support and prevention.

Inauguration of the mobile school

The street children are people have opinions, views and reasons for why there on streets, they can be respected and given opportunity to say and solve their plight. Living on streets is not a thing that removes their humanitarian needs including education. The mobiles school is a scientific package aimed to draw the attention of the street child on education so that he or she is able to realise the pontials s/he has and this will be the begining of change in the child's life and decission making.

Scholastic material support

Inadequate Scholastic material for a child is one the reasons why children become truants. This is because they stand in between their parents, teachers who want them to go or come to school and their fellow children who ask them question why they don't have enough material for school needs. Psychological children become frustrated and decised not to go to school due to the fear of being called names, and punished by teachers or parents. The streets become the solution for peace of mind and they become used to street life. 


 Children telling stories:

Social life skills through story telling is a program targeting in and out of school children aged 6 – 12 years. The program aims at building self esteem of the children through story telling and realization of children potential through the story which they either hear or tell themselves. 

Youth vocational training

Through vocational training youth become able to be self reliant and start making their own life depending on their capacity.

 2. Pillar 2: Family Preservation

The Family Preservation pillar focuses on families and how they can be enabled to provide a safe and supportive environment for their children. The pillar consists of the themes: parenting skills protect children’s properties, early childhood development and income generating activities.

3. Pillar 3: Child rights

This pillar focuses on three main themes: advocacy, awareness and empowering on Child rights.

These three pillars will form the fundament that Adilisha will be building on for the next five years.

For Adilisha to take root, it prioritizes efforts on Mwanza city, divided in Ilemela and Nyamagana districts. Secondly, Adilisha focuses on Ukerewe, Geita and Meatu districts, of which only Meatu is outside Mwanza region, namely in Shinyanga region. Focussing on these mapped working areas enhances and contributes to Adilisha’s effectiveness in her activities.