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Zanzibar Civil Society Alliance on Climate Change (ZACCA)

Zanzibar Civil Society Alliance on Climate Change (ZACCA)

Zanzibar, Tanzania

ZACCA – also known as the Zanzibar Civil Society Alliance on Climate Change –is an association of civil society organisations committed to work on climate change in their own programmes as well as through advocacy.  It brings together development and environment organizations, those with technical skills and those with a more delivery and advocacy focus.  This combination of organisations is important to ensure effective engagement of civil society that draws on the range of skills and perspectives of different organisations, such as linking the research groups with those that can use research findings for advocacy. 

ZACCA has been operating since January, 2011. The Alliance was formalized in June 2012, and received remarkable contribution from national and internationl organisation. Before ZACCA was formulated, the Socity for Natural Resources Conservation and Development (SONARECOD) assumed the coordination responsibility for CSOs climate change intervention in Zanzibar. SONARECOD represented the Zanzibar CSOs in different ocassions including UNFCC climate change talks in Copenhagen in 2009, UNFCC climate change talks in Cancun, Mexico in 2010 and UNFCC climate change talks in Durban, South Africa in 2011

Purpose of the Alliance

To ensure effective and informed engagement of Civil Society Organisations in Zanzibar on Climate Change issues for the benefit of the environment and people in poverty who are affected.

Main Areas of Engagement and Related Activities:

  • Helping ZACCA members in influencing and advocating for an effective response to CC from the national to global level.
  • Supporting effective coordination and information sharing among CSOs in Zanzibar on CC issues.
  • Strengthening capacity of CSOs in Zanzibar to respond to CC in their programme and advocacy work.