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Envaya created a Donate page.
Envaya is actively seeking donations and grants to support and expand the impact of our work. – Your support is essential to achieving our goals and future plans, and we greatly appreciate your contributions. – Contribute to Envaya's efforts to digitally empower grassroots... Read more
March 18, 2013
End of Year Greetings from the Envaya Team – Seasons’ greetings to all our partners, fellow NGO’s and supporters. It is finally the end of another year and we would like to take a moment to reflect on the achievements and challenges of the year 2012. – This year has marked two consecutive... Read more
January 1, 2013
Networking and Fundraising Tips for CBOs and NGOs – What makes your Organization a credible NGO? One that's worth funding, respected by the general public and recognized by the government? Here are a few things you may already know, but take for granted, or maybe you just keep putting them off for another day.... Read more
December 4, 2012
Tanzania’s fourth national census since independence started on August 26. The exercise is carried out every decade and it is an essential part of national development and establishing the number of Tanzanians in the soul of national development planning. – However, the census has... Read more
October 25, 2012
THE OVERALL 2012 CENSUS EXECUTION IN TANZANIA – Tanzania’s fourth national census since independence started on August 26. The exercise is carried out every decade and it is an essential part of national development... Read more
October 25, 2012
There is a growing awareness in Tanzania of the harm which certain cultural practices have on children, adolescents and women. This awareness is reflected in the emergence of NGOs and CSOs formed to campaign for the abolition of cultural practices that harm women and children. ... Read more
July 4, 2012
Involvement of CSOs in abandoning harmful cultural practices in Tanzania – Tanzania is a country that is extremely rich in traditions and culture, well known to treasure its heritage and pride in cultural practices. Tanzania is a harmonious culture that’s mostly based on a subtle but strong social code of... Read more
July 4, 2012
Envaya has now launched a new Volunteering Page where NGOs can post their needs for volunteers! If you're an NGO, posting your volunteer requests is easy: just log in and follow the instructions to add your... Read more
May 14, 2012
Volunteerism in East Africa – The basic concept of Volunteering is not foreign to any individual, it is simply giving of your time, abilities, knowledge and services for the good of the community in large, without expecting any reward or compensation. Volunteering is one of the... Read more
May 14, 2012
Vaccination Week in Tanzania – This week is Vaccination Week in Tanzania, which commenced on 23rd April and will end on 28th April. Nationally this event was held in Mwanza City Northern part of Tanzania under the theme “A child that is not immunized is one too many. Give polio the final... Read more
April 25, 2012