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WOFATA (Women Fighting Aids in Tanzania) Mtumba

WOFATA (Women Fighting Aids in Tanzania) Mtumba

Mtumba, Tanzania

Women Empowerment.

WOFATA Mtumba are currently working alongside SACCOS (Savings and Credit Cooperative Society) to aid in womens empowerment. WOFATA have been visiting their patients and members to inform them of loans available through partner organisation SACCOS. Women attend the office and make a deposit of 25,000tsh and in return are provided a loan of 75,000tsh. This aids the women in a variety of business opportunities such as; starting their own crop production, pottery production, poultry keeping and marketing.


HIV/AIDS Prevention.

WOFATA Mtumba use education as a tool to combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic in our area, by teaching safer behaviours such as the use of contraception and of mother to child transmission. We particularly focus on youths to enable them in turn to educate the public.


Contraception Awareness Project

08 Nov 2011 WOFATA Mtumba signed an agreement with Mtumba Secondary School for a "Contraception Awareness Project". Here WOFATA Mtumba proposed to supply a projector for the schools personal use, providing that for 1 whole hour every week they use the projector to play a DVD/Video tutorial on contraception. Contraception is not currently taught in many schools across Tanzania. It was felt by WOFATA that this subject was imperitive to our school system as one of the main routes of HIV transmission is via unprotected sex.


Human rights.

We lobby women to fight for their human rights and push local governement to support us in our efforts. Due to GBV (Gender based Violence) and inequality, many women feel that their rights are insignificant. We empower women to ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect.


Care Scheme.

The Care Scheme was first established on 09/11/2011. The Scheme provides physical and emotional support to its members by; aiding in the planting, maintaining or harvesting of crops, providing support visits, supplying essential foods and helping with any additional reasonable assistance. The Scheme consists of a group of WOFATA members who enrolled by completing a registration form, which then binds them to the terms and conditions set out by WOFATA. This allows the individuals to benefit from the support of their fellow members and in turn contribute to a stronger community.


OVC support.

WOFATA responds to the problems faced by Orphans and Vulnerable Children throughthe following interventions:

  • Counselling and emotional support for OVC and guardians.
  • Medical care through communtiy clinic and pharmacy.
  • Food baskets for guardians/affected families.
  • Income generating activities for foster parents/guardians.
  • Provide School fees.