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Tabora, Tanzania

Visual impaired people from Uyui, Urambo, Sikonge, Igunga, Nzega and Tabora municipal districts in Tabora region have congratulated the Gender Integration in HIV/AIDS Information for Blinds and VisuallyImpaired Persons in Tabora Region project, supported by Rapid Funding Envelope (RFE) call nine for its contribution on bringing back the tide of HIV / AIDS to the blind people. 

They adding that for many years HIV/AIDS activities and other development in country and those from overseas have been disseminating information on the pandemic in a way which is not use friendly for the most blind people to access such information, the thing which left them behind on the fight against HIV/ AIDS. 

Following the HIV/AIDS messages made on Braille materials and distributed in 6 Districts of Tabora region with the support of RFE, people with visual impairment and their families they now accessing information on HIV/AIDS easily than before, the situation which came to enable them to understand their role to play on the fight against HIV/AIDS. 

“We thank the project for providing us deeply HIV/AIDS information through brochures made on Braille materials whereby a blind person can read and understand the message than before whereby most blind people depended only on hearing through radio and TV listening and sometimes on formal and in formal conversation”, says LUSASA IDDI a resident from Mabama ward.

Mr. Lusasa Iddi


He adds that with the brochures, nowadays, people with Visual impairment in Tabora region can read and discuss the pandemic based on their disabilities and hence to suggest the possible measures and their roles on combating HIV/AIDS individually, as family and community at large. 

Moreover, following them training offered by the project, the majority of people with Visual impairment in Uyui district have changed their attitude and now they are able to undertake HIV/AIDS test so as to know their status. 

Before being trained, we feared to take HIV/AIDS As you know, people in hard to reach areas do not access enough information on different issues that affect their lives. After trainings offered by the project we came to know that a person can undergo HIV/AIDS test so as to plan for his or her future life”, says CATHERINE JAGADI from ISIKIZYA ward.

Catherine Jagadi

In march 2012, RFE call 9 granted TLB Uyui about 198,284,080/= milion to implement a one year project on Gender Integration in HIV/AIDS Information for Blinds and Visually Impaired Persons in Tabora Region in 6 Districts in Tabora region whereby over 671 people were benefited.

Meanwhile, visually impaired people from Tabora region have managed to use the presence of the project by establishing leadership of 6 Groups that will coordinate issues on the well-being of blind people in Tabora region.

Following the establishment of Groups, visually impaired people agreed to conduct identification of the blind children who are supposed to be in school and supervise their enrollment so as to enable blind children to access formal education.

In response to the identification made, Rehema Iddi(7) from Ng’ambo ward, in Taboramunicipal was identified and enrolled at Furaha Primary School.