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Tanzania Women Of Impact Foundation

Tanzania Women Of Impact Foundation

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

TAWIF was founded by the team of women driven by urge to reduce vulnerability of their fellow women and children, and the problems attached to it, following deteriorating living conditions of the target groups each passing day. Unfortunately, these poor women and children are excluded from all the opportunities and in most cases they are considered as passive beneficiaries of any initiatives rather than drivers of change. The foundation kick started its operation in year 2000 and later on at 26th March 2005 it was registered as non-governmental organisation


 Vision Statement

TAWIF envisions a society where  women, girls and children have equal rights and access, to resources that abridges poverty, marginalization and discrimination


Mission Statement

The mission of TAWIF is to promote initiatives of disadvantaged women, girls and children to demand equal rights and access to resources through Advocacy, capacity enhancement and community mobilization



  • Increased quality and access to demand driven water services to marginalised community members through social accountability monitoring and budget advocacy in Handeni district
  • Reduced violence against women( rape, wives beating, early/unplanned pregnancy, girl child pregnancies, school dropout attributed by water scarcity in Kisarawe and Handeni districts respectively through budget transparency and accountability advocacy and media survey advocacy respectively
  • TAWIF has gradually revolutionised role of CSOs in Handeni from service delivery to advocacy and civic watch dog of the government through capacity building and provision of tailor service expertise in the same.
  • TAWIF made a milestone achievement in the country to break the silence on sexual and reproductive health and rights focusing on HIV/AIDS of most at risk youth i.e. sex workers, men have sex with men and drug abusers in the country through comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention and advocacy.
  • Increased human rights of 13,200 oppressed and marginalised women through human rights training, men engage, legal aid assistance and women justice forums.