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Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA)

Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA)

Njombe, Tanzania


To see able journalists bring positive changes to the society through excellence, ethics, diversity, and accountability in all aspects of the media in the interests of peace, justice, development and social responsibility.

Latest Updates
Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA) updated its Volunteer page.
Volunteer Information PackFundraising & CommunicationsVolunteer Job DescriptionMain Tasks – Tasks will vary according to need but are likely to include: – • Donor and funding research – •... Read more
March 28, 2018
Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA) added a News update.
In order to become a Friend of the Alliance send an email to - tajoa@tajoa.com. We require your name, current institution, age, sex and your working destination. – Benefits of becoming a Friend – • Network all over Tanzania with renowned journalists – •... Read more
July 18, 2013
Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA) added a News update.
Mwenyekiti Mtendaji TAJOA, Simon Mkina, akiwaeleza kitu maofisa wa magereza Njombe baada ya kukabidhi magazeti kwa ajili ya wafungwa kujisomea. TAJOA hutoa habari bure Read more
July 17, 2013
Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA) created a Projects page.
HakiHabari – TAJOA believes that every human being has the right to freedom of expression; this includes freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas. Whether a person is exercising his right to freedom or behind bars, the free flow of public information remains a basic human... Read more
July 17, 2013
Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA) created a History page.
Although founded in June 2011, TAJOA received official registration from The Government of Tanzania in January 2012. TAJOA’s headquarters are located in Njombe, Southern Tanzania, and a sub-office will be established in Dar es Salaam. – TAJOA is a unique project that recognises access to... Read more
July 17, 2013
Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA) created a Team page.
Simon Mkina, Executive Chairman – Simon was appointed by the Tajoa Board of Directors to be Executive Chairman of the company in 2011. He has worked in the media ( journalist, a columnist and media strategist for various institutions) for 20 years, working both within Tanzania and internationally. He has served in... Read more
July 17, 2013
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