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Capacity Building and Network Associates (CAN Associates)

Capacity Building and Network Associates (CAN Associates)

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

We are committed to build the capacity of the poor and marginalized people to be empowered through community organizing and community participation. We shall be guided with the values on good governance, professionalism, volunteerism and dedication in fulfilling our mission.




Rural and peri-urban communities of Tanzania that are empowered; with sustainable livelihood and actively participate in the dvelopment processes and decisions.



· To enhance the skills, knowledge and values of the communities for sustainable development

· To strengthen the capabilities of the communities and CSOs in influencing the policy-making bodies on supporting pro-poor policies, regulations and practices.

· To initiate programs/projects on economic activities such as securing livelihood, micro-finance and entrepreneurship development.

· To promote the mainstreaming gender and HIV/AIDS of all development initiatives.



Target Beneficiaries and Working Areas

Target Beneciaries: We work for the poor and marginalized people particularly the women , young girls and youth.

Working Areas:

Handeni and Korogwe Districts (Tanga Region), Kisarawe, Mkuranga, Rufiji and Kibaha Districts (Coastal Region), Ilala District (DSM peri-urban) and Muleba District (Kagera Region).

TUNAWEZA Project under RFE (Rapid Funding Envelope)

This project seeks to reduce the HIV/AIDS prevalence and mitigate its impacts among the youth who are involved in HIV/AIDS high risk activities . The project estimates to reach about 200 youth (both male and female) and adolescent girls under HIV/AIDS MARPs (Most-at-Risk Persons) and women vulnerable of sexual reproductive health (SRH) problems.

Project Area: The project is in Handeni District (Tanga Region) specifically in Kabuku and Mkata wards which are situated in the hghway of Dar es Salaam-Arusha-Nairobi (parking points of long journey trans-border trucks) and Vibaoni and Chanika wards in Handeni Town.

Objective and Beneficiaries: To reduce the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS among the women, youth and adolescents through provisions of entrepreneurial skills, access to services , access to information drop-in centre, and access to Psychosocial and peer services.  

Through these approaches, the beneficiaries are expected to have their own of livelihood or IGAs (Income Generating Activities), social protection and network.  Hence, they will become sustainable economically and socially.

Implemetation Period: April 2012 - April 2013

Project Strategies:

  • To address sexuality, gender imbalance and women subordination and lack of economic independence.
  • Establishment of “information drop-in centres” for open and anonymous information on prevention of HIV and its impact mitigation
  • Prompting business role models, facilitate product branding and business licensing among the women and youth
  • Promote participation in microfinance services for access to working capital and savings for growth and sustainability of IGAs
  • To support Youth social and peer groups to address gender related HIV/AIDS and social protection issues


(above)The young people in Handeni District and (below) the women in Handeni Town who are involved in VICOBA (Village Community Bank)

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UHAI-CT (funded by JHPIEGO)

Location: Handeni and Kilindi Districts

Description: (Universal HIV-AIDS Intervention for Counseling and Testing)

The project is outreach-tailored approach of HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing activities in Handeni and Kilindi Districts to cater the areas of the HIV/AIDS most- at- risk persons (MARPs). It covers the 4 wards of Chanika, Vibaoni, Kabuku and Mkata composed of 30 villages in Handeni District and 12 villages in Songe and Kwediboma Wards in in Kilindi District. The concentrations are in Kabuku and Mkata Wards along the Chalinze -Korogwe highway and 2 Wards of Chanika and Vibaoni in the Handeni District.

These places have the highest number of MARPs compare to other districts. The goal is to reach about 60,000 or 75% of the general population in Handeni and Kilindi Districts for HIV/AIDS message/information. Its target to be counseled and tested is at least 26,000 persons in the both Districts.

The strategic areas for its project activities are the parking areas of cross border lorry trucks, ghettos, market places, bar/hotels, restaurants, guest houses, markets, mining areas and other public places in both districts.

By numbers, this project reached the following beneficiaries and activities for the period of 8 months from April 2011 – December 2011.

  • Sensitized 116, 462 persons from the 2 districts on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention (for Behavioural Change)
  • Counselled and Tested 17,471 persons at the MARPS areas to both districts
  • 497 clients (2.9%) were tested positive of HIV/AIDS and recommended them for treatment to the district’s level public health facilities
  • Facilitated # Outreached Mobile Counselling and Testing in Handeni and Kilindi Districts
  • Participated in 5 HIV/AIDS related activities nationally and districts’ level

The pictures below were taken during the outreach Couselling and Testing in Handeni and kilindi Districts. 




SME Development for the Women in Gongolamboto (Ukonga), DSM

The women in Gongolamboto area, Ilala District (Municipal) <Dar es Salaam> which are involved in micro-finance model known as VICOBA (Village Community Bank) were trained in entrepreneurship skills development for 5 days last September 2011.  There were 21 women from the 2 solidarity groups which are the Tumaini and Mkombozi who completed the training. This training was funded throgh the VSO Volunteer's Support Fund by VSO Tanzania. 

And last April 2012, the same group had technical trainings on Soap-Making and Mushroom Production.  This was again funded by VSO Tanzania through its Gender Development Fund.

Through these SME Development Trainings extended to these women, they are expected to make their micro-scale enterprises or Income Generating Activities (IGAs) profitable and sustainable. Hence, their issues and challenges on managing their small businesses particularly their lack of entrepreneurship skills/knowledge and their limited capital to expand/formalize their ventures or businesses were able to address.

It is expected that in the long term, these women will become independent economically and socially through their IGAs/business enteprises.

Below; the participants (with the VSO Volunteer) of the 5-day entrepreneurship skills training/workshop last September 2011 in Gongolamboto (Ukonga), DSM.


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Dar Es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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