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Kayanga, Tanzania

KADERES is supporting the Idea of SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP in Tanzania, Karagwe, one of the poorest areas of Tanzania, far away from any tourism  were farmers still live from less than 2 $ a day.

The african NGO KADERES was offering Microcredits to farmer to get access to finance to afford investments in their future on the first hand, but also to give protection against live tragedies like funerals on the other.

For many poor people, a funeral is not only a tragecal loss of loved person (in worst of the only family income), but also the pressure of following cost to give the lost person the culturual duty that is linked to an expensive funeral.

Microcredits are not only giving chances to get out of poverty, but also protecting the poor like a kind of free accesible insurance.

One of these chances were for example  our Solar lanterns opportunity. By getting a Microcredit for this light, farmers were able to pay the loan off with the saved kerosene from their now unnecessary expensice kersone lamp.

Furthermore this lanterns were offering a phone charger that was offering farmers a first experience as an entreprener. Charging phones for neighbours was not only generating a small second income, also pushing important communication opportunities in rural areas of grid and protecting the environment by the use of alternative energys.


In 2007, KADERES started a project called KPD (KADERES Peasant Development) that was supporting farmers by selling their only cash crop coffee and an easy to produce new cash-crop, Beans. Linking this project with certified organic farming and Fairtrade was not only giving their products a higher value, much more it was a compliment to the traditional farming methods, because rural african farmers are still today producing without any chemicals - a traditional organic system, used by thousand of small family gardens with a natural biodiversity  that was providing natural fertilizers, protection and food.


While Kaderes was supporting through financial security, alternative energy and economical opportunities, KPD was honouring the traditioanl organic systems of poor and uneducated farmers by finding organic customers throughout the world that were interested in their traditional and sustainable production of heahtly organic food.


Today, KPD and KADERES are offering an integrated solution to fight poverty through small holder entrepreneurship:

  • Providing fincial oppportunities and security
  • Offering alternative energy and protecting the environement
  • Creating local and international income opportunities
  • Offering a fair and sustainable international trade


But poverty is not solved yet, especially agricultural education and more participation in value adding jobs are necessary to create independence.


To face those challenges, KADERES has worked out three projects that are integrating in the successfull approach of social entrepreneurship and independence of farmers. KADERES is needing your help to get out of the poverty circle and finishing the the fight against poverty through social entrepreneurship.


  1. Supporting Organic farming and agriculture education through the ANIMAL LADDER PROGRAM.

Through a three-step system, Farmers could get educated on the chances of keeping lifestock by starting with chickens, getting with them experience to take care for goats and learning on the long run to keep cows. Not only getting valuable natural fertilizer for organic production, also getting second income opportunities and most of all fighting a one-sided diet of missing proteins

  1. Creating local COMMUNITY BANKS to give farmers opportunities to invest their money in locally run financial groups to earn a small interest and  by investing in their local region by give members of their community more independent access to money.
  1. Supporting the european MARODI Online-Shop in Europe that is offering african farmers the possibility to sell their crops not to trading multi-nationals, but to local consumers in europe to create a DIRECT TRADE of organic and small-scale farmed food. Founded by former and involved european volunteers, this Online-shop is creating a plattform for consumers to buy directly from transparant small farmers to be sure who is receiving their spend money.


KADERES needs your support to finish the job. Invest in our small seed that we planted here in Tanzania and give our communities the chance to get out of poverty.


Best regards by Leonard Faustine, 5 african and european volunteers, 15 local staff members and 5000 small-scale organic farmers.




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Kayanga, Tanzania
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