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Hope Empowerment and Development Organization

Hope Empowerment and Development Organization

Arusha, Tanzania

To: The well wishers all over the WORLD                              

Greetings from HEDO

(Hope Empowerment and Development Organization) and Thank you for visiting our website envaya.org/hedo

HEDO is A NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION NON PROFIT MAKING ENTITY which is based  in Tanzania Arusha region,Arumeru district  Usa River Village,  East Africa.

It is a registered Non profit Organization No OONGO/1195  

We  have established the HEDO Children Center supporting the Orphans  and Vulnerable children who are ,  from the poorest families and others are affected and  Infected  by HIV/AIDs so we are helping them to get  the  best future through achieving the best education.  Currently we are supporting 80 children from the age of 3 to 6 years old. On a daily basis we teach them basic language and math skills to prepare them for primary school. We feed them, we provide them with school stationaries, we protect them and above all else we give them love.

Once our orphans finish kindergarten here at the our center they need to attend primary school. Tuition costs for primary school are far too expensive here in Tanzania.

Non of the poor parents and relatives have the means  to help their children to attend primary school. They need someone to support them to achieve the miracle of education. Your sponsorship can bring big changes for these children by ensuring a more secure, brighter future. Their hope is in you.As you know Education is truly a gift that keeps on giving,not only to the child being educated but to the child's family and the community.IT IS A LIFE TIME GIFT

With honor and humility, I kindly request your financial support in sponsoring our children to attend primary school. The total cost of sponsoring one child is 510usd (compulsory) per year which is the cost of tuition plus food, medication, clothing etc.

Simply send us a mail mailto:kuzwa21@yahoo.co.uk or hedotza@gmail.com and make your donation  If you do choose to sponsor a child to attend primary school please specify that the donation is for sponsorship. You can also choose to volunteer with HEDO which is the simplest way to connect with the children and feel the impact of your work on a daily basis.In case you need more clarification we are always here for that.

Thank you for your interest in HEDO and in the VULNERABLE CHILDREN we are having.



Eunike Kuzwa

Founder & Chairperson