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Education Development Foundation

Education Development Foundation

Mwanza, Tanzania

Education Development Foundation(EDFO) THE REGISTERED TRUSTEES was established in 2001 and registered in 2002 under the Trustees Incorporation Ordinance (Cap.375) as a Non-Governmental Organization,not for profit Organization in Tanzania with both National and International links/affiliation

You can read more about us on our Web Site: Website: www.edfotz.org

EDFO was established for the purpose of promoting,linking,organizing and implementing educational programs which lead to interactual,moral,physical and social excellence to Tanzania Community.

EDFO managed to provide trainings/capacity building/consultancy services to different NGOs,CBOs and FBOs in different fields including-

-Financial managements.

-Strategic planning and management

-Child protection policy facilitation

-Board training

-Proposal writting skills

-Leadership Development Skills

-Research Methods skills

-Civic Education reaching out to about 68000 members of the community in Ilemela(Mwanza) and Misenyi District (Kagera) 

-Bulding capacity of about 100 staff from more than 20 organizations taking care of vulnerable children in Mwanza City

Also  has done Researches on improving quality of education (Mwanza-Ilemela and Nyamagana districts)

Research on reading ability (Simanjiro Arusha)

National Research on improving quality of primary education(Ilemela,Missungwi,Geita (Mwanza),Maswa (Shinyanga).And many more.


Envisage socially and economically strong Tanzania Community.


EDFO recognizes God's intention to mankind and that he has put the potentials in all people and therefore "no one is hopeless" this is adopted throughout the institution as guiding ideology and philosophy.