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IRINGA, Tanzania


Our history rooted in our self-commitment to fight HIV and AIDS, improve lives of PLHIV and actively participate in development activities as expected for all normal human beings .HIV and AIDS pandemic has so far claimed many innocent lives in Tanzania and the whole world at large. The prevalence at a national level is as comparatively low as 5.9% while it is about as large as 15% in Iringa region where our organization was founded in 2005.Many people live positively with HIV and AIDS and practice positive prevention. They also willingly join the national efforts to combat the pandemic at community levels. A group of 30 People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) in Iringa Municipality (Iringa region) came up together as a basic group in 2005. The basic intent was to share experiences in Post Test Clubs (PTCs), help other people in the vicinity to access correct information through education on opportunities available for care, treatment and support of people infected with HIV. Males were/are approached by volunteer male peers and females were/are approached by volunteer female peers. In 2007 our basic group was registered as a national, non-profit making NGO (REG NO: OONGO/472 under Act No. 212 (52) of 2002 ) after receiving financial support from “The Foundation for Civil Society”. We now exist as a registered entity by the name “Community Health Education and Development Organization”- (abbreviated as CHEDO).We have our head office in Ruaha Ward at Ipogolo Catholic Parish. It is the leadership of this Parish that has granted to us an office space since we are still young and still unable to have our own office space and building. We are Four years old as an organization.


We are still youg but we have attained some achievements todate:

  • Sharing experiences with fellow PLHIV on positive livingwith HIV and AIDS and positive prevention
  • Using CTCs as Platforms for patient education
  • Establishing Post test clubs for members to regularly meet
  • Start household poultry keeping  for self sustainance and Income generation
  • Participate in Training Expert Patient Trainers (EPTs) using the WHO Integrated Management of Adult and Adolescet Illness(IMAI) stategy or approach.
  • Providing psycho-social support to bed-ridden PLHIVs and caregivers.