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Bright Light Organization

Bright Light Organization

Geita, Tanzania

Volunteers mission in Tanzania

It is a mission seek to bring social skills and experience in Tanzania voluntary to reduce social inequality between South and North hemisphere through volunteerism approaches by developing and supporting technical skills and research to find out sustainable solution to uplift the lives of the poor and most vulnerable communities in needy, share global experience in solving social economic challenges ,enhance and stimulate technical exposures to African expatriates to learn new and innovative social skills from developed world for local context .

To reach a dream to esteemed; Volunteer has to apply for an opportunity with resume attachment, pay eligible application fee and other obligation statues and up-on arrival, BLF will place in a variety of projects which include childcare and orphanage placements, teaching projects, medical and economic empowerment programs and no political rally, human rights champagne, any project for profit making and business investments mission.


Coordinating Organization:

This is a program organized and administered by BLF as a life-changing experience. In time you come in Africa to volunteer is a time to share your enthusiasm, time, skills, and energy and give out yourself in a way that allows you to effect positive change.


To strengthen the cultural and technical relationship between North and South in a sustainable mutual development and being provided the quality and standard services that protect the value of both cultures and experience met, Program is eligible to all people living outside Tanzania wish to come in Tanzania for volunteerism purposely preferably social development discipline. This organizations engages in the social development fields will provide an enlightening and rewarding experience for student and professional volunteers. The Internship/Electives in Tanzania offers you the great chance to extend your help and skills to others as well as gain relevant practical experience

A program made in well organized with relevant organization for nay volunteer wish to engages for an interest in volunteering and learning about another way of life and in a new culture, serving local children and mothers, disabled and youths lives, It can be as simple as sharing love and affection with locals, playing team-building sports with at-risk youth, sharing stories and photos with the elderly in a community, or practicing conversational English with youths and adults seeking new career opportunities. So we real need volunteers is an incredible way to work ,support and interact with the local communities of this enchanting East African country.


  • Graduating from school and taking a Gap Year
  • Not ready to jump into full-time employment just yet
  • Ready for a Career Break
  • Build new experience from difference cultural and under resourced environment
  • An 'empty nester'
  • Retired officer alike
  • Ready for a change or new adventure
  • Develop new project to implement in Africa.