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Bonde la Chemchem Sabuko

Bonde la Chemchem Sabuko

Sanya Juu Siha, Tanzania

Bonde la Chemchem Sabuko(BCS) is a community based organization started in 2004 by farmers of the Naibili village and was registered in 2005 as a non-governmental community based organization (CBO). The organization is located in Siha District of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

BCS elects its leaders every 4 years. It is mandatory that gender balance is observed in all elections. Women take an active role in decision making.

BCS strives to utilize local resources found in Siha District and initiates community based projects that contribute to poverty alleviation at grass root level. Through its holistic approach, BCS puts emphasis in bringing about economic and social changes through self initiated projects.

BCS has already established projects which have come to maturity and have attained sustainability. These projects include products made from hibiscus rosella, mushroom cultivation, products made from jatropha seeds and the raising of meat and dairy animals.

In January 2008 the organization completed training in micro financing. This has now been initiated at village level. All members contribute weekly to a saving fund. Loans can be taken for capital to start new projects. Interest is charged at 10%. Principal and interest are required to be repaid on a monthly basis with final payment due in six months. This venture is empowering the community and making a great difference in their lives.