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Kamachumu, Muleba, Tanzania

 The purpose of the organization is to develop local community in the project of environment, capacity building, farming, livestock, education, carpentry, fish farming beekeepers and women empowerment. The project development objective is to improve lives and livelihoods of local communities of Irogelo village, Muleba district in Kagera region TANZANIA through implementing participatory and integrated village development/economic activities while sustaining village resources. The project would empower local communities to better manage the resources they depend for their livelihoods. The project would also put in place an enabling environment to increase incomes through enhanced productivity and diversification of production systems to generate marketable surpluses which would improve their living standards. Improving the access to markets and credit should help raise living standards and reduce vulnerability of local poor communities against external shocks.

The primary activities, services, or product the organization provides includes:

- Producing and supply the blocks at our organization yard or producing them at the clientele sites.

- Supporting the involvement of local communities in the management of natural resources and the local development and empowerment

- To observe, consult, training through other organizations and agencies and the wider community, think through and reflect on how to best our project can serve the people and come up with an all-embracing plan for next stage of our development

 In the next three years the main goal for the organization is to protect environment and trees; empower local community through the Hydraform machines for bricks/blocks production. The Hydraform machines are mobile and are used to make solid blocks with local soil anywhere in the area. The

blocks produced by the patented Hydraform machines are interlocking, dry stacked and unique to the company. From there some people will get training of how to operate the machine and be employed.

The organization’s operating income comes from members fee and contribution from private sectors.

The main way the organization sells its products / services is through Government sectors- schools, dispensaries, hospitals, social and communities’ centers, private sector and specifically to individuals.

 Benefits of the organization are shared among members by gaining local perspective, members will learn that true leadership is built on the principle of serving others and come to believe in the power of individual to make a difference, so benefits will be shared among members according to the yearly outcome and every member should share the benefits and experience with other people around or outside the project area. The community here has been (years and years) making bricks for houses construction through bricks smoldering using fire wood which are the source of trees cutting everywhere in Muleba district. This machine will diminish trees cutting and environment being protected and thus will avoid the depletion of our forests comparing to the commonly burnt bricks,

 The organization helps the poor, underserved, or marginalized groups in the community by giving assistance to the children in need by providing school needs to orphanages and vulnerable children in -society …