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vision and Mission(Not translated)Edit
PROVISION OF LEARNING MATERIALS TO VULNERABLE CHILDREN – The organization will provide reading material for children. Such tools include notebooks, pens and ink pens. These tools have been invaluable in the professional development of these children. They have increased the interest of children to love reading and incense to fulfill their dreams for the future ...(Not translated)Edit
WAGENI TOKA DAILY BREAD LIFE MINISTRIES KUTOKA IRINGA TAREHE 18/11/2019 – Tarehe 18/11/2019 shirika letu lilitembelewa na ugeni kutoka Daily bread Life ministries kutoka Iringa. Kiongozi wa msafara alikuwa Askofu Mpeli Mwaisumbi wa kanisa la ACT FELLOSHIP ambaye ndiye mkurugenzi na mhasisi wa Ministri hii ya Daily Bread Life Ministries. Ugeni huu ulifika kwa lengo la kuweza kuona maendeleo ya shirika letu la FUTURE FOR TODAY PRIORITIES IN TANZANIA (FUTOPTA) kwa mwaka 2019....(Not translated)Edit
NURSERY (Not translated)Edit
FUTOPTA is making sure developkindergarten education. – We have continued to see an increase in the number of undergraduate students in our institution. This fact demonstrates that the truth that the education we give to the community in relation to the importance of education in society is taken into account and thus the community sees that importance. ..I hope that...(Not translated)Edit