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Open Mind Tanzania

Open Mind Tanzania

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

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Open Mind Tanzania (OMT) is a professional, non political, non profit, non religious and service oriented Non Governmental Organization Registered by the Ministry of Home Affairs with Certificate Number SO. 15518, under the Socialites Act CAP 337 R.E. 2002. It is a team of motivated young professionals who are determined to see changes in the economic and social status of the Tanzanian public (especially the youth). From June 2006 to the present, we are fighting to make the Tanzanians able to identify and use the present legal opportunities to achieve moral, social and economic development.


Our Mission

To bring together all the Tanzanian youth to volunteer in fighting endlessly and actively to create a livable world in which all the people can use the available legal opportunities to achieve better life and become well protected against injustice, poverty, ignorance and infections.


Our Vision  

To change the world into a better place to live for human beings, whereby love and the sense of humanity becomes the core drive towards unity and alliance in fighting to achieve moral and economic development for all the people especially youth.


Our Core Value and Belief

We believe that the world can be changed into a better place to live if each of the able persons becomes ready to install an Alternative Way of Thinking and join us morally and materially to fight towards alleviating poverty, protecting human rights and achieving health in body and spirit. From our belief and value our dictum and motto is ‘Alternative way of thinking’.


Our Approach

We believe in a realistic approach that a starving person must be given both food and hoe. We are therefore committed to fight for achieving sustainable changes.



I.        Imparting practical entrepreneurship knowledge and skills to youth in groups or as individuals for the purpose of helping them to utilize the available opportunities in their localities that they can use to create jobs and employ themselves.

II.        To provide quality and affordable Business Advisory Services (BDS) to youth enterprises and making sure they develop their skills and competence in business through entrepreneurship trainings we do offer.

III.        To engage, unite and promote youth from different grounds to participate in various productive projects which will eradicate poverty as well as wealth creation in their respective projects hence solving the critical problem of unemployment by engaging youth within society  programs.

IV.        To provide civic, legal and human rights education to the community especially the youth in order to open their minds, for that it will ensure that the youth get different social and economic assistance which will help in the implementation of the initiatives started by the government in implementing the MKUKUTA and MKURABITA programmes.

V.        To sensitize the general public especially youth in using legal services so as to obtain their legal rights. In connection to that, responding to individuals legal complains by giving guidance and counseling consigning law pertaining legal problems especially in legal and human rights, also preparing documents for court presentation. Thus providing legal aid services.

VI.        To help create, promote, uphold and maintain upright and respect values of professional, entrepreneurship, academic, moral and social image of the members and general public, also to deal with peoples’ problems in welfare such as education and medical aspect. Much more, the NGO will promote environmental protection.

VII.        To do anything within the ambit of the law and human needs for the purpose of advancing the objectives of protecting human rights and ensuring wise use of the law in safeguarding peoples rights. o

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Dar es salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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