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Alliance for AIDS/HIV Control and Children Development

Alliance for AIDS/HIV Control and Children Development


Our Vision:

The organisation envision to see all most vulnerable children,women,disabled and people living with HIV/AIDS free from poverty,ignorance and marginalization in the community.

Our mission:

To help youth and children living in exteme poverty and marginalization to achieve major improvements in their lives which spread without external support as self reliance.

To achieve this mission,AACD seeks to address root causes of HIV/AIDS,poverty,human rights violations and other youth,children and women hardships.

Main Goal:

To work with and assist vulnerable youth,children and women,especially those living and/or are victims of HIV/AIDS,girls,orphans,street children,homeless and jobless people,child-headed households for their proper development.

Specific objectives:

1.Promotion of Education for all

(i) Promoting basic education to vulnerable youth and children living and coming from poor and disadvantaged families through establishing nursery school centers.

(ii) Enabling the vulnerable youth and children to address the maijnstreaming of HIV/AIDS through education,community sensitization,prevention campaigns and home based care to victims.

(iii) Improving youth and children learning and skills development through establishing vocational training centres.

(iv) Providing proper education to women,youth and children on human rights

2.HIV/AIDS Education

(i) Providing counselling to youth and women on the impact of illicit drug use

(ii) Assistance and home based care to people living with HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS affected population groups such as orphans,households,HIV/AIDS widowed women and careers.

(iii) Improving quality care for vulnerable pre-school children and school-age children

(iv) To sensitize and mobilize youth to participate in various healthy activities for improvement of their health.

3.Environment conservation and protection

(i) To encourage and empower youth,children and women's participation in environmental protection and sanitation.

(ii) Community sensitization on the importance of the environment conservation in Kigoma district.

(iii) To popularize the natural sites of Kigoma district in order to attract visitors.

(iv) Reforestation and public sanitation of the demaged and deforested areas of Kigoma district.

4.Community relef and development.

(i) Establishment of developmental and cultural centers in poor and popular villages /areas in Kigoma rural district.

(ii) Initiating anad managing small income generating activities for youth,children and women.

(iii) Providing social and humantarian services to orphans and vulnerable children

(iv) To encourage peple to initiate economic and developmenal activities in order to combat and alleviate poverty such as sustainable agriculture,livestock,,local craft industries etc.


In order to attain the above goals,AACD shall have the following departmental areas:

1.Children and youth

2.Women and gender

3.Planning and Finance

4.Health care and Sanitation

5.Vocational Education


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AACD Edutaining Theatre Group acting on environment prevention on their performance before the AACD Annual General Meeting.
September 1, 2011
Alliance for AIDS/HIV Control and Children Development added LAPF PENSIONS FUND to its list of Partner Organizations.
September 1, 2011
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August 30, 2011
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BOARD MEMBERS: – 1.Mr.EDWARDI DOTTO NYABWENDA Chairperson & Executive Director- cell:+255(0)757865836 – 2.Ms.ADONETI ELISHA AMONI Secretary General -Cell:+255(0)755841026 ... Read more
August 29, 2011
Alliance for AIDS/HIV Control and Children Development created a History page.
Alliance for AIDS Control and Children Development (AACD) was established in June 12,2008 at Mwandiga ward in Kigoma rural district with 20 founding members.Currently it has 40 active members.Among these members 15 are men and 25 are women.The organisation has a board which is made up of 9 members from among the members... Read more
August 28, 2011
Alliance for AIDS/HIV Control and Children Development added 3 News updates.
Some of the orphan-students who are cared and supported by AACD taken a photo together with AACD Executive Director Mr.Edward Dotto at the Orhanage center.
August 28, 2011