Maeneo ya ukurasa huu ni kwa Kiingereza. Hariri tafsiri


January -December 2016

Project Summary

Purpose and Mission of the project

The purpose and mission of the project is educate the Tanzanian youth aged 12 – 35 years on HIV/AIDS and HIV prevention measure through sports and games in Iringa Municipal. The project will involve different sports and games to bring the youth’s good psychology for learning. Lessons on HIV prevention will be done in different two ways;

1. Sports and Games Methodology
Issues on HIV prevention will be addressed before sports/games, during the break –time, and after sports. There will also be some inter-wards and inter-schools public sports and games exhibitions and tournaments.

2.Peer educators Methodology

Selected peer educators will be trained on the HIV prevention measures; lessons that will then be taught to their fellow. Peer educators will be using group discussions, debating and though their outstanding schools and streets.

Project sustainability

At the end of the project, peer educators will still remain as teachers and consultants to the whole community of Iringa Municipal. Different prints like burners, newsletters, training manuals and other training and/teaching materials that will always be distributed, will remain helping the entire community for references on the lessons learned.