Youth Initiative Foundation is a non governmental organization that started in 2010 as a sports academy and in 2014 was legally registerd as YOIFO. This organization is a youth based organization that is aiming at changing life of vulnerable youth across Tanazania. Youth Initiative Foundation is using sports as a tool for community developments and is only sports, love and care that bridge us, regardles of having fun, acquiring life and sports skills.

YOIFO Vision

Transformed youth and actively engaged in community development.

YOIFO Mission

Empowering and creating a bright future for youth through Sports and Education.


1. Equality: All members are equal valued despite of, back stories,gender, religion, power and ability.

2. Respect: YOIFO is respecting every participant or partner that is envolved in our programs regardless of their, dominion, ethinics, colour, nation, power, poverty or richness.

3. Accountabilty: The organization obligation is to make sure the individual are accountable for   their actions and activities, accept responsibility and to disclose the results where necessary.

4. Transparency: We are open and able to provide infromation and collaborate with our partners  for the benefit of organization and beneficiaries.

5. Something 4 something: This  value is ment for beneficiaries that they should do something vigorously before YOIFO does something to them. If not YOIFO shall do nothing too.

6. Role model: We want YOIFO to be a role model and being a positive mirrow to other NGO.  So that they can learn from us due to the effective work that we are doing in order to save the community.

Latest Updates
Youth Initiative Foundation (YOIFO) created a Education page.
Youth initiative Foundation is creating a platform where by YOUTH can acquire formal and vocation training education in order to fight against ignorance and poverty Read more
March 24, 2014
Youth Initiative Foundation (YOIFO) created a Workshops and seminars page.
Youth league preparation / workshop on the laws of the game – First aid workshop Read more
March 24, 2014
Youth Initiative Foundation (YOIFO) created a Youth leagues page.
Youth league is the back bone of our program. Majority of Tanzanian like sports especially football ( Talk football, walk football, eat football, sleep football) so football is all when it come to YOUTH. So YOIFO is using this platform for; – 1. Gathering youth and keeping them away from evil doing – 2.... Read more
March 24, 2014
Youth Initiative Foundation (YOIFO) added a News update.
YOIFO under 21 football and volleyball teams are on the way to Morogoro to participate in Sports connection camp
March 24, 2014
Youth Initiative Foundation (YOIFO) created a Team page.
YOIFO is for and ran by YOUTH who are eager to create change in the community through unity and shairing their potential. – Youth initiative Foundation is leaded by; – Full... Read more
March 24, 2014
Arusha, Tanzania
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