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Victoria Theatre Group

Victoria Theatre Group

Musoma, Tanzania

VICTORIA THEATRE GROUP (VTG) is a non-profit making, non-governmental theatre organization based in Musoma Mara region,Tanzaniaand is committed to help people to discover and share resources that transform life. We pursue this commitment through using theatrical performances for community awareness raising on the social, environmental, health and cultural issue. The organization founded in January 1997 with only 5 founder members. Currently the group expands up to 35 members. It is registered officially in March 2004 with BARAZA LA SANAATANZANIA(TANZANIA ARTS COUNCIL) under the Ministry of Information, Culture & Sports ofTanzaniavide registration number BST/1667 dated 11/3/2004.

Victoria Theatre Group uses participatory approach as its basic methodology to allow and encourage the community (the target group) on its own problem solving and decision making and implementing its development programs. Victoria Theatre Group considers this approach as a corner stone to sustainable community development. This approach is also a means to maintain sense of ownership and responsibility among the community and to secure its contribution in development work.

Since its operatio,Victoria Theatre Group has been implemented a number of projects into a voluntary basis and achieves the following:

  1. Through collaboration with Musoma Municipal Council, Victoria Theatre Group has been participated into various campaigns on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Environment conservation, and Water hyacinth removal along Lake Victoria shores and clean up week activities.
  2. Community awareness on water filtration through water guard in collaboration with PSI.
  3. Community HIV/AIDS awareness raising in Lake Victoria Fishing Camps(Beaches) in collaboration with KKKT/UWASAMU.
  4. Water hyacinth removal  campaign in collaboration with LVEMP II (Mwigobero, Nyarusurya,  Kitaji pond), Baraki Sister’s Pond(2013) and Kisangwa pond(2014)