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NETWO+ is a National Network of Tanzanian Women with HIV/AIDS. It is the National Network operated Country wide and led by women+ themselves. It was established in Morogoro region on 28thDec 2002 and became officially registered on 30th May 2003 under the Ministry of Home Affairs with registration number SO 11944. NETWO+ was formed to facilitate the establishment of effective linkages between women living positively with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania with individuals, groups and organizations that support women with HIV/AIDS related needs. Overall Goal of the Network is to increase opportunity for Women living with HIV/AIDS so that their voices could be heard and participate in Democratic activities that allows their rights to be heard by Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, stakeholders and other well wishers. NETWO+ was also created to fill the gap of lack of support and information to women living with HIV/AIDS in general. The founding members therefore decided to establish NETWO+ in order to represent and unite views of women living positively with HIV/AIDS all over the country. The organization has the Annual General Assembly where annual planning, budgeting and implementation schedule, followed by executive committee comprises of 9 people drawn from Regions like Kagera, Shinyanga, Morogoro, Dar Es Salaam and Coast lead by NETWO+ chairperson. There is also Region representatives comprise of 9 people in each Region. NETWO+ has a Management team which deals with a day to day execution of activities comprise of Project Manager, Administrative Officer and Accountant with 4 Volunteers. NETWO+ members are women living with HIV/AIDS from different areas of the United Republic of Tanzanian.

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