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                  LVC is a registered  Community Organization in Ukerewe Island Tanzania  in the heart of Lake Victoria working to change lives of  orphans and  vulnerable children  and their families , We work at the grass root to empower the Lake Victoria mainly fishing community to make change from within,

           Our source of strength has been the support from the community we work in  , Moving forward we are determined to continue punching above our weight working at our full potential to strengthen our identity, coherence and unity, while respecting diversity through shared values ,vision, mission and strategies

Watch a Video  : http://youtu.be/fqoNeGdDQDE 

Like us on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LVCorg



“Creating a society where children live quality life “


“Working at the grassroots with communities to help change children’s lives through service provision, Lobbying , campaign and Advocacy


  1. To advocate child’s right in the society
  2. To Improved living conditions of vulnerable children’s families and other marginalized groups
  3. Facilitate integration of orphans and vulnerable children in the society
  4. To assist in the economic development of underprivileged children and their families  To provide and share child related information to relevant organizations and individuals.

                                       HOW YOU CAN HELP

  • Donating uniforms, shoes, school materials, Cash   and food etc  
  • Sponsoring a child directly in the community ( LVC will connect you to a vulnerable child /family and  assist you build a relationship)
  • Donating towards any of our annual priority programs Education, Health and Child Protection
  • Donating towards  our  dream to  construct  a permanent LVC centre
  • Volunteering with our organization

                   APPEAL FOR HELP !


Help us in our community efforts  to give most vulnerable children an Education

£4= Will purchase a pair of uniform to enable a vulnerable child go to school

£6 = Will purchase a pair of shoes to help a child start school again

£ 1= Will buy  8 exercise books to support a child education

£ 60= Will sponsor a vulnerable child into secondary education for a year , school fee and other  school needs 

Help us in our community efforts  to improve Health in most vulnerable children

£ 3 =   Will buy a Mosquito net to help prevent Malaria in one very poor family

£1.5 = Will buy a  packet of highly nutritious flour to help  prevent malnuttrition in a child

£ 20 = Will help deliver education  to  150 families on  prevention of Malaria and Malnutrition

  Help us in our community efforts  to  improve and restore lives  of  most vulnerable children

£ 2 =  Will buy food enough to feed  a  disadvantaged child for  one week

£ 2 = will buy a disdvantaged child  cloths to wear

£ 5 = will buy a poor child a blanket to cover at night

£ 10 = Will help us deliver basic  family legal  help to help defend a child or poor family rights

£ 200 = Will  help build a basic house to shelter   a very poor family without a house


                  LVC Children centre

              Alongside  outreach programs which we do through out the year to  support  the community , we run  a  children centre where vulnerable children from the community get free  education and meals mainly breakfast and lunch, most of these children  usually go without food in their  homes and are looked after by elderly parents.


                                Children at LVC centre doing outdoor activities

Children in the classroom


Watch this  video    http://youtu.be/fqoNeGdDQDE







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