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                          LVC  TEAM


              LVC is run by a team of local volunteers, the top Gorvening body is the Executive committee  composed of  7 members, the Executive committee is headed by Executive committee Chairman who is Technically the Head of the Organization.


1.Alex Magaga  -Executive Committee Chairman



                                                 LIFE BACKGROUND

                    My   enthusiasm and motivation to volunteer for  my community came out of my experience growing as an  orphan  at  the age of  4. I would have  preferred to have  lived in an orphanage, but was passed on from one guardian to another constantly missing out on  essential  basic privileges as a child , was forced to live  a difficult adult life which never gave me break , life was a survival  against  poverty, abuse and a vicious circle of social discrimination  all set against  the background of my childhood.
                I believe it was my mental strength, determination and   strong  character  which  enabled me get proper education . As a   professional   teacher today, I have used most of my time volunteering in schools with orphans and children with disabilities. My experience of supporting communities in difficulties has affected me and inspired further my passion and dedication to  making a difference   by giving  a second chance to lives of communities in difficulties here in Tanzania. I do this voluntarily with pride as I myself lived the experience of these vulnerable groups  'Alex'

2.Rucy Makene -Executive committee Secretary

                                                  LIFE BACKGROUND

          Mama Rucy has over 40 yeras experience in children care , throughout her life she has been a fully dedicated Nuresery school teacher in many children centres especially those with disadvantaged children, her extraordinary experience in children related issues  in relation to Health and Education is incredibly  vital to LVC.

3. Benjamin Mtebe     -    Executive Committee member


4. Mganga Mbugule   -   Executive committee member


5. Msonge Mpuluko   -   Executive committee member



6. Chabona Emmanuel  - Executive committee member



7. Jamhuri Mtwale   --- Executive Committee member


8.Everist   Makene   - Executive committee member





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