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Since 2014 , Bhanakiya has majored on Energy,  Fish ponds,  Honey bee's and Reforestation 

Bhanakiya began as an answer to enegy problem .A contribution of 1.3million among members raised and Electrict extrude -1(300kg/day) was installed at Malimbe, Mwanza. 

Fish scarcity  emerged on February 2014 at scheduled monthly meeting. Members resolution directives were to establish home fish pond programs. And later commercial fish pond. 

Fish pond named WL03-000-H, become the first pilot pond with 200 pic capacity in Mwanza. And later commercial fish pond WL03-40 (at Nyahingi Mwanza ) and WL03-20(Misungwi-Mwanza )with capacity of 5000 pic 600gm each. 

Apimondia, November 2014, Bhanakiya became registered for Apimondia, Beekeeping and honey.  2014 bhanakiya registered  50kg honey harvest (at BH-04),100kg(at Upendo nyasamba ),800kg(at Bhanakiya-Tabora ).With projection of 8tone by 2015. 500 commercial bee hive installation at Kigosi, Nyahingi, Malimbe and Nyasamba.

Reforestation at its best achievement records are the trees reserved area (Site C and Nyasamba respectively  ) Site C(-2.60971,32.90992),Nyasamba (-3.32926,33.35689).Bhanakiya has employed natural indigenous preservation and planting new kinds.

Currently ,We Are proud to introduce Environmental sanitation activities, water and health, waste management, Aquaponics a symbiotic relationship between fish and plant 


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