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Base (Swahili) English

VISION (VISION) Providing solutions for creative and potential in society marginalized in poverty reduction, changes in the natural environment in rural areas, changing weather, the disabled, people living with HIV infection and AIDS themselves, empower women and religious education for that and a better life.
Mission (mission) to enable the delivery of education to communities marginalized on the transformation of the natural environment and of the climate, empowerment of women, the disabled, people living with the infection of HIV and AIDS themselves, enabling rural energy, hunger, reduce poverty and religious education by involving local government, central government and non-government institutions.
1. Provide health care for the community, particularly in rural areas.
2. The non-school sites will deliver the service, sh / primary, secondary and sh / vocational.
3. Provision of environmental education.
4. Preservation of natural forest & mountain water sources.
5. Planting trees to prevent forest fires.

Latest partners, around the world us support in this transaction.

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