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The Albinos Tanzania Development Foundation is the registered organization for line of work within the field of Albinos protection and development and it is non-governmental organization, a non-profit, non-trade organization, non-religious and non-political, and believes that protection and development of Albinos is an indispensable human right.


The Albinos Tanzania Development Foundation is the milestone organization, working with albinism community to uphold dignity, equity and self confidence in the society.


The mission of the Albinos Tanzania Development Foundation is to create meaningful opportunities for social and economic development of the albinism community so that they gain dignity, equity and self-confidence in life.



  1. To establish research centres, promote and conduct various types of researches in all fields relevant to the development affairs and in line with aims and objectives of Albinos.
  2. To promote education and provide economic support to the people with skin disabilities in Tanzania and elsewhere. To this end, the Foundation shall undertake economic studies, surveys and regroup them in order to offer training that will enhance their economic welfare.
  3. To provide assistance to Albinos in matters relating to their welfare; and in particular to provide facilities for training for a self sufficient life in the future.
  4. To promote research in connection with the emancipation of Albino wherever they are in the United Republic of Tanzania and elsewhere.
  5. To enhance the security and safety of Albinos against the norms and culture which make people to believe that the skin of Albino brings wealth to the humanity.
  6. To build capacities of Albinos to effectively engage and practice good governance, fight corruption at all levels and adhering to Gender Equality as well as adopting the principles of planning and budgeting and action plan development for their own good.
  7. To lead Albino to understand and undertake effective policy engagement with government as means for addressing their development challenges in communities. That means imparting the notion on how to identify and engage in key partners like local government councils and central government in their efforts to increase their level of development.
  8. To do any economic activity which is connected or supportive or related to or which may be of positive contributions to the development of albinos.

Community Development

  1. To create a Tanzanian society where albinos’ rights are observed and are exploring their full potential in determining their own destiny.
  2. To provide assistance to albinos, fosters and the needy for training and provision of necessary humanitarian assistance.
  3. To establish an effective information centre for the purpose of maintaining and fostering the welfare of orphans, vulnerable children, retrenches and the needy persons.
  4. To establish health care centres where counseling inputs for controlling HIV/AIDS pandemic will be offered as well as malarial problems, epidemic diseases, family planning, maternal child health care services.
  5. Establish counseling centres which will provide psychological and rehabilitation services to albinos and other vulnerable children, divorce recovery, depression, marital dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, victimization, sexual abuse and other gender based violence issues as well as social economic education can be offered.
  6. To carryout Mobile Rural Credit programmes with a view of giving revolving credit funds to Albinos in Tanzania.
  7. To enhance development in the fields of clean water supply by sensitizing the formation of water users committees, modern farming methods, irrigation and transport.
  8. To improve technical capabilities of the Albinos in agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, craft making and transport.
  9. To help Albinos to start their own small businesses or make their small businesses bigger and better. This will be done by loaning money to Albinos, teaching them how to use money to make more money and train them in simple financial management and accounting so that they know how to plan and keep records of what they use and what they save.
  10. To support development by people to the people in order to reduce and ultimately eradicate poverty in Tanzania. To this end, the economically weak and marginalized groups will be helped to obtain resources and opportunities to enable them to take care of their own development.
  11. To carry out field projects, education programmes, research and workshops on environment so as enable people at the grassroots level be aware of the need for environment conservation.

Women and Youth Development

  1. To regroup women and youths and train them so as to enable acquire skills that will improve their way of living.
  2. To establish projects special for Albinos and assist them to manage profitably such as in tailoring and embroidery, nursery schools, juice making, batik making, groceries, canteens etc.
  3. To establish agricultural activities for them such as horticulture, floriculture, animal husbandry, poultry keeping, bee keeping, fishing, etc.
  4. To establish hostels and recreational centres in key areas for the benefit of albinos members.
  5. To provide them with equal access to knowledge, skills, technologies and information, and, ultimately, equal human rights.


  1. To promote and encourage cultural sporting activities including establishment of cultural centres where social and cultural activities can be undertaken including manufacture of artifacts, crafts for marketing, etc.
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