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Rationale: Everybody is entitled to a good and happy childhood and teenage years. Adilisha Child, Youth Development and Family Preservation (Adilisha) works together with other organizations to make this possible.

The word Adilisha is not an abbreviation but a word which stands on its own. It means to guide wisely and facilitate good mediation.

Adilisha is a registered Tanzanian Non-Governmental Organization, under registration No. so 9686 of 1999. It is non-profit making, non-partisan organization. The head office is located in Mwanza.


A responsible community with enhanced parenting skills in Tanzania.


Adilisha is committed to sowing the seeds of better parenting in Tanzania. We do this through capacity building, psychosocial support, counseling, advocacy and lobbying.

Main goal

To increase the number of families which are stable and responsible, where children have the opportunity to grow up in a supportive environment.


Adilisha is guided by the following principles:

- Good governance

- Transparency

- Accountability

- Participation

- Equality and respect

- The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, Human Rights conventions, Tanzanian relevant policies for children, youth and families as wel as Women rights shall provide the framework for Adilisha Programs.

Adilisha works to promote the wellbeing of children, youth and parents and to increase respect for childhood. Adilisha seeks the voices of children and youth to be heard and to realize that their views are taken into account from family level to public decision makers. However, Adilisha facilitates parenting skills and create links between generations.


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