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Baraka Goodhope Orphan’s Development (BAGODE) is a Civil Society Organization based in Mwanza city. Its head offices are at Isamilo ward, Selemani/Nera Street, opposite Isamilo SACCOS block B, house no 72. BAGODE is mainly engaged in facilitating the available opportunity to enhance children’s right within the society. It was officially registered in 2006 vide No. 14 NGO OO39.


BAGODE was launched in 2003 as a Community Based Organization by a small community group of 7 people with commitment and interest in children development. After realizing that the problem and issues of orphans and children living in hazardous life can be handled properly and managed by the community members. As a result, BAGODE decided to intervene and reveal the facts of the problem and issues of the orphans, street children and those living in hazardous life. These were practiced through research and advocacy. The concrete findings were disseminated to the local government authorities, ward development committees and village/street committees so as to get more inputs through workshops and public forums (Community members). After compiling the final reports we manage to draw the significant (true needs) of the orphans and children living in hazardous life, this includes poverty alleviation for families living with the OVC, support OVC on education accessibility and vocational trainings, this will gradually reduce the negative effects of poverty.

Overall Goal

The overall goal of Baraka Goodhope Orphan’s Development for the next five years will thus be to contribute to the well being of orphan’s through empowering communities to exercise child protection.


BAGODE’s Vision

The voiceless to be heard in their society and their dignity safeguarded and protected at all times.


BAGODE’s Mission

BAGODE is committed to serve and support orphans vulnerable children to live in families and giving them development opportunities through Research, Capacity building and Advocacy.

We will continue to rely on mutual learning and sharing of our results, designing of innovative and quality programs to realize our Mission.


In doing all, these we will continue to be lead by our guiding principles that are;

Wishing the Goodhope and happiness of orphans and street children in which we will strive to improve their wellbeing and betterment in an environment where;




  1. Children are actively involved
  2. Guardians and foster parents are actively involved,
  3. Program are embedded in the community and contribute to community building,
  4. Community resources are used to adequately benefit their own community members and vulnerable families,
  5. BAGODE program staff, guardians, foster parents and community members work together in a relationship based upon equality and respect.
  6. The United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child, the African Charter on the rights and welfare of children and the, Human rights conventions shall provide a framework for our programs.


14. BAGODE’s Core Values

In the next five years, we will continue to work and adhere to our core values, which are to be:

  • Responsible in all that we do
  • Effective in all that we perform
  • Sustainable in our design and implementation of innovative programs for future generation
  • Perfect in our determination to promote tolerance, constructive feedback and equity among all peoples.
  • Committed to what we do in a high degree of respect for the dignity of every human rights
  • Trustful, transparent and accountable to communities and associates we work with

Integrity, Accountability and transparency in terms of good governance



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