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Victory Youth Support Organization (VIYOSO) believes this poverty is coused injustice due to inequality and lack of opportunity in social, economy and culture system affecting marginalized groups in our society including the youth and orphans more specifically located in the rural areas


The need to establish VIYOSO was to fight poverty and  prepare strong youth generation for the stability of Tanzania Nation.


OUR MISSION  was to facilitate youth development through various Economic, Social and Culture programs. Creation of activities that wick provides stability and sustainability to the youth welfare.


  1. To provide training opportunities to the youth for their future development
  2. To combat proverty through self help activities that can promote income to the youth.
  3. To reduce HIV/AIDS infection and other sexual transmitted diseased in the population through training, workshop, seminars and short couses
  4. To support youth who are in needs
  5. To network with other organizations and partiners, locally and internationally
  6. To promote good gorvenance


  1. VIYOSO: Perceives PROVETY  in local community setting as a situation which can be minimize mainly by providing sustainable approach to proverty prevention ans control through education, economic empowerment, participation, behavior change, intensified advocacy and support for youth.
  2. VIYOSO: Will accordingly work with local authorities at all levels including district,ward and villages,community groups and volunteers to reach rural communities with communities intiated techiques.
  3. VIYOSO: Will likewise team up and join partinership with internal and external donor, network with local NGOs, CBOs, and FBOs for experience sharing and the exchange of visions, missions and activities.




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