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Lengo kuu la shirika litakuwa ni Ustawi wa wananchi wa Tanzania kuwezesha mawasiliano na kuondoa umaskini.


 Main goal of the organisation will be to developing and enabling people of Tanzania in communications and a fight in poverty eradication.


 The organisation is determined in: -

(a) To conduct various researches that enable development of the society and have them published in media;
(b) To cause capacity building to the society so that it can be able to withstand and remove within itself the challenge that hinders them from attaining the safe and goodand standard human life;
(c) To record, keep and distribute information and varios records that are in one way or another associated to people’s development in United Republic of Tanzania;
(d) To add, enforce, coordinate and protect the participation of Tanzanians in various domestic and foreign activities that are directed to them;
(e) To help mobilise various domestic and foreign stakeholders so that can help desparete people especially when unnatural event such as floods occurs;
(f) To establish and run the database for information and statistics on developments;
(g) To discover and advertise invenstiment opportunities available and to educate and mobilise the society in to prepare a good and attractive base for domestic and foreign investors;
(h) To make sure that Tanzania committs herself to the rule of law;
(i) To coordinate the exchange of information and experience between Tanzaniana and foreigners for the development;


 The vision of the organisation is to have Tanzanians who have a safe, good and standard human life;


 The Mission of the organisation is to build the capacity to the Tanzania’s society by providing important and essential information that are useful for self initiative to sustainable development for the time being and for the future generation.


The Motto of the organisation is the prosperous Tanzania is possible, Play your part!

(Bila tafsiri)

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