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History of WAYETA

The idea of WAYETA (Watoto Yatima na Elimu Tanzania) began with voluntarily excursion into streets of Tanzania’s regions principally in towns and cities-July 2008 by three comrades following the increasing number of street children. There, we met many bright and worldly young people who were playing along the roads, some carrying plate of buns, tray of water on their heads and other begging, while the others being the dropped out from school because of school fees. Frankly, they were there not for the rationale that of the interest, but circumstantial. “….We are here because we have no one to send us to school.” One of the young boys said. “I haven’t any other alternative means for my survival because I have no parents.” The other said in solemnly. The excursion came out wth two views; firstly, in consideration to the article 26 of the Universals Declaration of Human Rights (UNESCO) “Everyone has the right to education.” Then scholarships would be an excellent way to make a positive impact on students, their families and their community. Secondly, there should be a means of mobilizing the present resources to transform the vulnerable situation of the community, since the derivation grounds of the situation are both ignorance and a stern poverty among people/communities. Then building capacity among community, parents would be make a positive relief.

About us

Watoto Yatima na Elimu Tanzania (WAYETA) is a committed and innovative non profit organization dealing with Most At Risk People, particularly Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and Women in both urban and rural by building a strong community focusing on education and livelihood sectors.


A growing society through quality and life-saving safe services in a supportive environment.


To mobilize the present resources to transform Vulnerable communiy to become secured, healthy, educated and productive members of the society.


The fundamental objectives of the organization is to create an environment where all orphans and vulnerable children in and out of school are adequately prepared to successfully achieve their life-long goals.

The objectives of the organization are:

  • provision of social services
  • capacity building

 Our values

In pursuit of WAYETA’s vision and mission the management and its staff at all ranks will be guided and obliged by the following values;

1   Accountability

We do take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently achieving measurable results and being accountable to supporters, partners and most of all children.

2 Ambition

We are demanding of ourselves and our colleagues, set high goals and committed to improve the quality of everything we do for children.

3 Collaboration

We respect and valued each other thrives on our diversity and work with partners to leverage our global strength in making difference for children.

4 Creativity

We are open to new ides, embrace change and take disciplined risks to develop sustainable solution for and with children.

5 Integrity

We are aspired to live to the highest standard of personal honesty and behavior; we never compromise our reputation and always act in the best interest of children.

6 Courtesy to all

We treat our clients and colleagues with courtesy; we do regard ourselves as servants of the organization’s people and be particularly considerate when dealing with vulnerable members of the society such as the elderly the poor the sick members of the society such as elderly, the poor the sick, people eth disabilities and other disadvantaged groups in society.

7 Excellence in services

We strive to achieve the highest standards in our work and actively seek opportunities to improve those standards.

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