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We are geared towards changing the community through care, respect and love, need for marking the orphaned child come out of hoplessness by creating a conducive environment towards meaningful and progresive life.(Not translated)Edit
OUR MOTOR(Not translated)Edit
Children care development organization is currently offering school sponsorship to 72 most vulnerable children living in high risky environment selected to public secondary schools. However, the organization is seeking any humanitarian organization or person who feel free to donated to us.(Not translated)Edit
Sponsorship(Not translated)Edit
(document)(Not translated)Edit
To improve the quality of life for most vulnerable children and their caregivers through provision of socio-economic support(Not translated)Edit
CCDO'S VISION(Not translated)Edit
(document)(Not translated)Edit
VOLUNTEERISM(Not translated)Edit
CCDO IS LOOKING FOR INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERS WITH DIFFERENT BACKGROUND OF FORMAL AND NON FORMAL EDUCATION FOR TEACHING, HEALTHCARE, SPORTS, ICT AND PROJECT WRITING POST – (image) – The CCDO is looking for volunteers who can create awareness and prevention education to our local community and school children on the issues of Coronavirus infection and...(Not translated)Edit
CCDO is guided by the folowing principles; – Equality for all: God made all people equal; our organization is committed to a development process that promotes equality. – Rights and dignity for all: CCDO believes in and strives to uphold the rights and dignity of all people especially in the rural communities. ...(Not translated)Edit
CORE VALUES(Not translated)Edit
To strengthen local commuty competency to the promotion of education, primary health care and development to deprived members of the societies through capacity building, provision of handcraft industries and vocational training to impaired children, poverty reduction, promotion human rights and advocacy skills community mobilizationskills and mitigation of socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS in selected communities in Tanzania.(Not translated)Edit
CCDO's MISSION(Not translated)Edit