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(image) – Kundi la Maigizo N.V.R.F(Not translated)Edit
(image) – N.V.R.F wakubwa kwenye ligi(Not translated)Edit
(image) – N.V.R.F Kindagaten(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Mdau ameona aisaidie N.V.R.F.(Not translated)Edit
(image) – NVRF na Tanganyika International Kipindi cha ligi ya Mpira wa miguu(image) – VRF and Tanganyika International Session Football League
(This translation refers to an older version of the source text.)
(image) – NVRF Under 14 football team(Not translated)Edit
(image) – NVRF Football Team(Not translated)Edit
(image) – N.V.R.F wakubwa wakiwa michezoni(Not translated)Edit
www.nvrf.or.tz(Not translated)Edit
(image) – Mdau Mwengine alitutumia vifaa vya mchezo mpya unaoitwa Frisbee.(image) – Other stakeholders equipment sent us a new game called Frisbee.Edit
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