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Hello my beloveds,
Hope you are all good, well and fine.
On behalf of the HOPE RISER ORGANIZATION (H.R.O) an NGO registered with reg. no. 00NGO/08285 to which Am the Chairperson then I send you my deepest greeting with love and affection to all those who devoted their time to provide care, love and support to our fellow brothers and sisters who are in need of our help morally or materially. Also even We, as H.R.O our Goal is 'To protect and promote the right of equal access to education for all Tanzanian students who constituting a vulnerable population at schools.' by providing them with moral and material supports so as to overcome their hardship situation of school life in turn to assure the attainability of their goals and ambitions they always intending to achieve.
We are open to collaborate and do partnership with any local and foreign organization so as to touch such intended group of hopeless student so as to 'Make Them Achieve.'
Let we share our moral knowledge and material aids so as together we can build the society which care and respect dignity of every individual without regard his financial or social status. Check us through our email [teamhoperiser@gmail.com] or find us in Facebook through our page [HOPE RISER Taasisi] as well as you may check my personal email that; [aramseyplus@gmail.com or arams255@yahoo.com]
With much regard I recognize your support, hustling, and aid toward achieving GOOD SOCIETY and EQUITY COMMUNITY. God Bless you all fellow.
Yours faithful;
Ramadhani, A.S
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