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good start and congratulations for showing us a way to succeed this will be the starting point to join you all as to enhance the information sharing and build mutual relationship and trust with other CBOs and NGOs within and out side Tanzania particularly Zanzibar, therefore can NGOs from Zanzibar be the member of NACONGO and RGB
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Kugirango ugire icyo uhindura kubyo wasemuye, ugomba kwinjira mu rubuga Injira · Iyandikishe


It is me Phares Mussa ,yhe Director of the Magu Child Ministry,Iwould like to testfy that it is possible to raise fund withing our communities and get what we really need.It was just few passed weeks our Ogarnization needed hymn books for our 3oo children/youths,we introduced it in one church where our children/youth choir sang and people were touched right away and provided all the books we needed! It was not easy to believe this but it happened.
23 Ukuboza, 2012 by MCM
Here is another event I would like to share with every one.After a certain time being receiving a reguest from one young person wanting our Organization to help her buying a sewing mashine as she is an Orphan since her dad passed away while she was little,one of us decided to use a pulpit one day as he was preaching a congregation,he educated people on how it is important to help a needy person,after just thirty minutes the congregation was moved and contributed money enough for parchessing a sewing mashine for that young person! So it is posible.Our people need to be educated and told what to do.
23 Ukuboza, 2012 by MCM