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Asili (Kiingereza) Kiswahili
remarkable change has occured since the well addressed scenarios tagetting MDGs now after that in 2015 we target SDGs in 2030 and nobody is to be left behind in this drive towards prosperity for all. Thence my dears its imperative that we exert more effort at resource seeking and mobilisation as well as have pertinent issues addressed comprehensively in order to attain viable and sustainable synegies regardless of our localities. Therefore people and place developments must be given priori in our Agendas as well integrating our NGOs, CSOs sytems to state and non state actors participation along Advocacy and Lobbying, capacity building, Fundraising and generally have a leadership that is transparent amidst curents that expose differing trends and traits-simply meaning getting to the ground and understanding those you are dealing with, often whats good for one maynot be good for another hence balances must be attained, accepted and approved. Thus Networking is vital and so is gender mainstreaming for not just equality bbut equity is recommended and favourable. Lets us spread out the Networking possibilities beyond our regions where possibly and if locally along total participatory processes that involve not just members and stakeholders but also those we find in most need and want of remedies to keep on keeping actively. So vulnerability must be fought at all cost to brood an acceptable climate for change. As change actors we do not have much time as 2030 approaches only positivity must be attain in reaching SDGs and the negativity or failures are simply a learning lesson for future adjustments and accomodations to vitalism.
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