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Volunteers from Smiles to tanzania have bee n supporting us since 2011, they came as part of Rotary international then formed a charity in the UK to support our organization and communities in UKEREWE(Not translated)Hindura
Diplomatic spouse group supported us set up an income generating project called LVC Tailoring shop in 2011, the project generates income for our organization as well as sourcing uniforms to give to vulnerable children in the community, In 2014 DSG supported us with funds to implement a very successful project called COMMUNITY ACTION AGAINST MALNUTRITION AND MALARIA the aim of the project was tio fight malnutrition and malaria in poor families on Ukerewe Island...(Not translated)Hindura
KIDS AID TANZANIA supported us in march 2014 to implement a project in Ukerewe Island to help combat Malaria in children under 5 and pregnant mothers, Kids Aid Tanzania donated 1,5000 mosquito nets worth Tshs. 10,800,000 which were distributed by LVC to poor families in the villages on the Island, about 1,500 families benefited from this support(Not translated)Hindura
PANITA is Partnership for Nutrition in Tanzania, PANITA works in partnership with Save the children international, through PANITA we last year 2012 received funds from Save the children Internatiuonal to commemorate African food and Nutrition Security Day, the idea is to create awareness over nutririon(Not translated)Hindura