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(image) – Wachezaji wa timu ya shule ya Nyarugusu wakiwa tayali kwa pambano la soka siku ya sherehe ya mtoto wa Afrika(image) – Players Nyarugusu school team in conflict with the soccer tayali day of celebration of the African ChildEdit
(image) – Vijana wa shule ya Nyarugusu wakimsalimia mgeni rasmi ndugu Mathew, Mratibu miradi wa asasi Bright Light Foundation ya mjini Geita(image) – School youth were greeted guest Nyarugusu brother Mathew, Coordinator of NGO projects Bright Light Foundation based in GeitaEdit
BLF partcipate in the child's day that held in Nyarugusu,Geita in collaboration with Geita Geita Gold mine and stakeholders, the event estimamted to involves over 3,400 from urban and rural areas, that indicated awareness towads childre's rights has improved in the entire communites(Not translated)Edit
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