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(image) – Click here for more:http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/05/28/gmo-dangers.aspx?e_cid=20130602_SNL_MS_1&utm_source=snl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=ms1&utm_campaign=20130602(Not translated)Edit
Hans Herren responds to the Washington Post – To the editor of the Washington Post: – In your article Tanzania becomes a battleground in fight over genetically modified crops (October 7th 2013) alternative solutions presented by Africans were blatantly missing in a discussion of the yet to be proven potential benefits of GMOs for African smallholders. – With 27 years experience in Africa as Director General of ICIPE...(Not translated)Edit
TAARIFA KWA VYOMBO VYA HABARI Jumatatu 6 July 2015 – ASASI ZA KIRAIA ZAITAKA SERIKALI KUSITISHA KURIDHIA MKATABA/ITIFAKI YA ARIPO – AMBAO UNATISHIA UHURU WA NCHI NA HAKI ZA WAKULIMA – Asasi za kiraia zipatazo 20 zinazounda mtandao wa bioanuai Tanzania unaitaka serikali kusitisha/kusimamisha kwa muda kuridhia itifaki yenye utata ya ARIPO iliyopangwa...(Not translated)Edit
PRESS RELEASE: Monday 6 July 2015 – TANZANIAN CIVIL SOCIETY URGES GOVERNMENT TO HALT ADOPTION OF ARIPO PROTOCOL – THREATENING NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY AND FARMERS SEED RIGHTS – Twenty-two civil society organisations that make up the Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity call on Government to halt the adoption of the controversial ARIPO protocol planned for Ministerial signature in Arusha on Tuesday 7 July....(Not translated)Edit
Setting the Record Straight on Tanzania’s Biosafety Laws – Tanzania has recently amended the Biosafety Regulations, the law which applies to the import, export, deliberate release, confined use, contained use, transit and placing on the market of GMOs and their products. The amendment was driven by persistent pressure from the Tanzanian...(Not translated)Edit
Non approved GM Wheat found growing in USA, prompting Japan and S Korea to suspend all wheat imports – (image)(Not translated)Edit
Tanzania: Government to Endorse GM Maize Trials Soon? – BY FINNIGAN WA SIMBEYE, 15 SEPTEMBER 2013 – LOCAL seeds experts are optimistic about government move to allow field trials of genetically engineered maize which has already proved successful in confined laboratory trials at Makutupora in Dodoma region. – Mikocheni Agriculture Research Institute (MARI) Principal Research Officer, Dr Alois Kullaya told the 'Sunday...(Not translated)Edit
Tanzanian CSOs say No to UPOV in Africa. – (image) (image)(Not translated)Edit
TABIO – MEDIA RELEASE: 4 April 2014 – CIVIL SOCIETY ALLIANCE CALLS FOR NATIONAL DEBATE ON GMOs – An alliance of 20 civil society organizations and exporters today called for a national debate on GMOs and its regulatory framework so that citizens are...(Not translated)Edit