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community needs Empowerment, Advocacy and Capacity Building for attaining sustainable development particularly in third word countries. Non Governmental Organization plays multiple roles on behalf of the government in promoting development, Tanganyika Centre for Development and Advocacy play such roles in high discipline with proffessionalism.

"We enhance equality and justice through empowering communities"

TCDA Managing Director Mr. Jackson Kiyeyeu with Joan Mayer on the right side in one of organization entrepreneurship event


             TCDA Team in a meeting

Background information

Tanganyika Centre for Development and Advocacy is a Non Governmental Organization registered with accordance to the NGO’s Act number 24 of 2002 with its registration number 00NGO/00005595. The organization is registered as mult-sector under national as a society based organization, non partisan organization, non political and non profit making. The area of operation under which the organization is established and registered for is Tanzania Main land.


The vision of organization is to enhance effective implementation of National Development Vision of 2025 so as to foster social, political and cultural development towards society.


To be an organization with effective capacity and sustainable knowledge to offer technical consultancy to the government with its stakeholders in regard to policies, laws and governmental regulations for providing better services to the society.

what do we do?

Tanganyika Centre for Development and Advocacy as an independent organization is well motivated to meet is objectives mainly based on its philosophy of "Enhancing Equality and Justice Through Empowering Communities", whereby community development will be achived through empowering them to be able to develop and implement various development strategic plan and policies.

Tanzania is developing nation, with population of 44.9 million while the poverty rate is 65.6% and per capital income is $ 122, and Human development index is 151. Therefore there is highly demand for civil society organization to work in line between with these communities living in poverty and vasty environments, our organization with its stake holders is hinged for solving developmental challenges facing these communities particularly living in rural areas.

The organization is envisioned to work in collaboration with communities to achieve the following;-

a) Because agriculture is the basic and important activity for majority of Tanzanian communities especially those living in rural areas, the organization is deemed to enhance capacity building for transforming agricultural sector from subsistence level to commercialized level, employ new and modern technologies in farming so as to fulfil the demand of food security, reduced migration of youth from rural to urban and reduce conflicts within families.

b) youth are being faced with several challenges such that of unemployment syndrome and inadequate sexual and reproductive health education. The organization in order to solve mentioned problems is optimstic in developing capacity building for youth on "Mindset transformations toward self employment" whereby youth have be prepared physically and mentally for creating their employments rather than waiting for being employed, the emphasis is to utilize the available resources and environments for employing themselves.

While on other hand the organization has started for enhancing Sexual and Reproductive Health for youth through two programmes such that; Students Anti Drugs (SAD) and Students Pregnancies Prevention (SPP), both being centred for capacity building on sexual and reproductive health education and creating awareness for the importance and roles of youth in communities.

c) Social and Cultural Agenda. With regard to its condtitution the organization respect and appreciate the roles of culture in development, culture has to be preserved and enhanced. Due to that the organization in promoting social and cultural practices whereby the following will be carried out:-

i. Researching and Documentation of various historical and cultural practices of various tribes, this will promote the culture, preserve culture for future generations and then others wil be incorporated in such culture especially foreigners. By starting the organization has made research for hehe people and Chief Mkwawa whereby from this year 2013 on wards on 19 July there will be memorial event for him, the memorial will be carried out at Kalenga village on his Chiefdom Territory.

ii. Promoting internal tourism, the organization has vital roles for promoting internal tourism and organizing tour studied for volunteers and students. Tanzania is the best touristic area in Africa there are best reserves and national parks and unplished areas. Unfortunately the societies are ignorant with such resouces and they know not on how they can be benefited through it, the organization has started to organize training for communities living alongside touristic areas, developing capacities on how they can work with tourist and explore benefit.

iii. Enhancing Environment care and Natural resources managements, whereby Tanzania is endowed with potentiality of resources hence community have to be nurtured in effective and efficiency management and utilization of these resources. on the other hand the drastic changes in production is hindered by misuse of environments, which in adequately results to many environmental degradations and erosions in turn the earth become unfriendly to human habitat.

The organization is deeming to use participative methodologies for combating those problems facing communities, it will use the available resources, donation from friendly organizations and institutions and from other sources in order to support communities and their developments.




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