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Mwanza, Tanzania

Tawawami works in the  ares below:

Thematic areas

Holy Cross teacher Miss Amy Evans "having a ball" as she volunteers
Holy Cross teacher Miss Amy Evans "having a ball" as she volunteers

In the wake of the anniversary of “Super Storm Sandy” the local community continued to remember the needs of others outside our borders.  The Tawawami Children’s Project conducted a “Yard Sale” this autumn to generate funds towards their school building project in Mwanza, Tanzania.

The sale was most successful due to the generosity and assistance of many individuals from the community.  Mrs. Frances Raffetto provided her storm ridden vacant home in Sea Bright to store items that had been donated for the sale.  Mrs. Frances Rooney provided hotdogs for the volunteers that assisted in transporting items to and from locations. Mrs. Rooney’s son Charlie Rooney transported the truck-loaded items from the storage house to the sale location at the Little Silver Women’s Club in his “C Rooney Produce” truck.  In the spirit of family and providing assistance, Mrs. Marisol Rooney provided a bountiful lunch for the volunteers from her deli, Stokers, in Shrewsbury.

Area families who were relocating during the summer donated a good percentage of the items sold.  The Tawawami Project would like to express their appreciation to the Clarke, Murphy, Clauss, Elliot, and Vacca families for their kindness in providing many beautiful items.

In addition, the Project is most appreciative to The Little Silver Boro for permitting them the use of their facility, The Women’s Center.  The sale could not go on unless supported by Anthony DeMonaco, who provided the event insurance for the weekend.

Most importantly, no fund raising activity is successful unless there are willing volunteers.  Once again, the Holy Cross School community of teachers, students, parents, and friends volunteered their time and energy to make the sale most successful.

For more information regarding the Tawawami Project please email the non-profit organization at tawawami@gmail.com.

  1. Orphans and youth Empowerment

a)      A protective and   educative environment Social/life skills(Agricultural activities)

b)      Income generating   activities

c)       Psychosocial support

  1.  Foster care

a)      Children network

b)  Supporting families fostering orphans .

c)       Attaching vulnerable youth to new families


  1. Human rights

a)      Advocacy

b)      Empowerment

c)       Raise awareness 

2. (a)   microfinance program "inua vijana youth empowerment"

Vision-To eliminate poverty among the communities especially the pastoralist youths

Mission-Enhancement employment opportunity amongst the pastoralist communities in Mwanza region in Tanzania.

Objective-       a)Create awareness of self-employment for youth.

                       b)Improve the income and welfare of the school drop-outs.

Targets groups-a)The program target the youths age between 17-45years .

                       b)School drop-outs.

                       c)Drugs rehabilitated youths or individuals.


Holy Cross students raise funds for school in Africa
Claire Broderick (from left) Ian Broderick, (red cap) Aidan Broderick, Haydn Lang, Anna Goddard, Josie Giordano, Isabella Palmeri, Gretchen Richardson, Catherine Coffenberg, Nikki Vacca, Maryjane Gallo and Amy Evans surround some of the items the Holy Cross teachers and students sold at their yard sale to raise funds for a school in Africa.

RUMSON — On Saturday, June 15, Holy Cross School seventh-graders participated in a garage sale to benefit an organization named the Tawawami Children's Project, a non-profit formed by Holy Cross teacher Maryjane Gallo and two PTA members in 2012 to assist developing and vulnerable communities worldwide.
The project's first endeavor is to help build and support a grammar school for up to 90 orphans and underprivileged children in Mwanza, Tanzania, where Gallo taught for five months in 2011 as part of the Catholic Medical Mission. To date, the Tawawami Children's Project has been able to pay the rent for the next 12 months on the current school, which currently consists of an open air structure with a few desks. It has also provided books and blackboards for the school, as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste for 90 children.
The abundance of opportunity and resources in America are some of our greatest gifts. The yard sale demonstrated that unwanted household items in many homes can be a valuable resource in providing a foundation not only for a school but for the future of the children in need of an education — in need of hope. It is the goal of the organization to raise enough funds to acquire the land needed and build a boarding school to attend to the educational, medical and housing needs of these vulnerable and disadvantaged children.
The seventh-graders eagerly pitched in, as they begin their preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation as eighth graders in the coming year. Public service is an important part of this preparation, as they learn to put their faith in action as young adults in the Church. For more information or to make a donation, please contact tawawami@gmail.com.