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Tanzania Porters Organization

Tanzania Porters Organization

Moshi, Tanzania




TPOs is Working to improve the working conditions of the porters by:

  1. Providing free training for the mountain Crews in HIV/AIDS, Entrepreneurships’, Languages, First Aid, environmental conservation  and labour Laws.
  2. Raising public awareness  of porters working conditions and provision of guidelines for proper  treatment of porters
  3. Lending  climbing gears to Porters at free of charge
  4. Conduct studies and survey on practices of Companies on porters affairs
  5. Working with partners to ensure the proper treatment of Porters, fair working conditions, and collect feedback from Porters through questionnaires, Interviews, observation of companies procedures’ on tipping, and salaries distribution methods and sharing feedback on all issues regarding porters rights.
  6. Networking with all stakeholders in ensuring the rights and well-being of Porters and their families
  7. Linking the Porters with Government Authorities, Stakeholders and private companies to ensure the rights, and quality life of porters and their families.
  8. Raising funds through donations and grants to support porters trainings and equipments and gears.



  11. Wages, Loads, Tips and Equipments

    • The Tanzania Government Notes No. 228 dated 29th June, 2014, issued the new minimum wage rate to be 10 $ per day, and this need to be enforced by all climbing Companies.
    • Loads should not exceed 25 Kilograms- that is, 20 Kilograms for the company and 5 Kilograms of porters own gears.
    • There should be a transparency tipping procedures of porters- full amount intended to be handled direct to the crew.
    • Porters are given adequate water and at least two meals/ food per day while climbing Meru and Kilimanjaro
    • Injured and sick Porters are receiving proper care the same as climbing clients
    • Porters have proper shelters and sleeping equipments( Sleeping bags, and sleeping quarters)
    • Maintain consistency number of Porters throughout the trekking/ climbing and no porters shall be overloaded by sending crew down early.
    • Fair treatment to Porters must be observed during and all the time while climbing and ascending.


    ·         Tipping is a part of compensation for your crew that supports the climbing. Sometimes it is difficult to understand especially those climbers from countries tipping is not the norm.

    ·         We recommend the fair compensation of tipping to the crew/ porters work done properly of a minimum of 20 $/ day. A client may tip more depend on the services and porters work exceeds clients expectations.

    ·         The Appropriate tipping determinants depends on the wages/ day paid by the tour company as well as the number of porters assisting the climbing. Local companies have different wage rates ranging from 5$ to 18$ per day as the highest.

    ·         Before climbing the climbers are being provided with briefing and numbers of crew involved for the prior preparations for the tips.

    ·         The tour Company should suggests the tipping  before climbing and tipping procedure at the end of the climbing in which each crew receive full amount of tips intended to them by a client/ climbers.

    ·         It is ideal to have a tipping ceremony at the last meals on the way down of descending at the gate. We recommend handing over the tipping direct to the porters.

    ·         During briefing the climbers should know the numbers of crew and meet them at the first or second camps to ensure the number of crews as promised.



    The Porters are the heart and soul of the trek, it is through their hard working and strength we would fully experience the magnificent of Kili. Hence the porters are the people who are getting paid low and working in a poor conditions and depending in labour-intensive employment in-order to sustain and survive and feed their families.

    Most of the time the Porters are under-paid and are working under the poor conditions, there are in adequate mountain gears for porters such as footwear, clothing and sleeping bags. Porter’s needs proper attention as may suffer from mountain attitude sickness and hypothermia same as climbers.

    The Tanzania Porters Organization Committed in improving the working conditions of Porters and recognizes the value of the demanding labour these porters performing. The Tanzania Porters Organization urges all stakeholders to adhere with fair and proper treatment of Porters as well as all climbers and travel agencies.

     In ensuring the proper treatment of Porters we also recommend all companies to have proper standards and procedures for providing friendly and conducive environment for the porter’s well-beings and ensure rights of porters.




    • We are legally registered NGOs, non-profit organization working to improve the welfare and condition of Porters trekking in Meru and Kilimanjaro Mountains.
    • We are not affiliated to any Business Company, and our work depends solely from contribution, and memberships from well-wishers.
    • We are well organized and using participatory approach in our programs and activities
    • The organization has its own registered office and operates by following its constitutions and body of Directors.