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Treatment for disabled children's in various hospitals in Tanzania Read more
10 hours ago
Mazingira is focused on the following projects Educational project Water project Health project Community Radio project
11 hours ago
•Mazingira Community Development Forum (MCDF) is a Non-governmental Organization that is registered in Tanzania to operate in Bunda District, Mara Region – Tanzania. Since its establishment in 2008, the organization has performed several activities to sustain the life of the people of Bunda District. •MCDF is working with... Read more
11 hours ago
WANACHAMA WA SHIRIKA LA MAZINGIRA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FORUM – Mramba simba Nyamkinda – Elizabeth Maseko – Samora Jonathani – Ally Simba Nyamkinda – Magreth Samson – Simba Mramba Simba – Khamisi Zanzibar – Masembo Sanai ...
15 hours ago
It is a fact that disabled people is a small segment in the society that has bee ignored in all developmental endeavours to an extent that most disabled people do not know thier rights. – On that ground,as a branch in Morogoro, we have opted to hold workshops that would enlight disabled people on their constitutional... Read more
SHIVYAWATA is an acronym for Shirikisho la Vyama vya Watu wenye Ulemavu Tanzania.The organization was started in odrer to create one strong voice that will speak in view of seeking rights for disabled people of all kinds.The rights should those in the UN charter for disabled people and agreed upon by the United Republic of Tanzania in its... Read more
Shivyawata Morogoro has got a new office which is located at CCM Mkoa building. you are welcomed
ORGANIZATION'S TEAM MEMBER – Chairperson Oscar P Changala – Vice Chairperson Hamis Kapelewele – Secretary Consolata Mchilo – Treasure Shehe Mohamed – Members ... Read more
Key Success Story for the CCDO – Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) is an NGO, based in Iringa City – Tanzania, whose mission is to identify current development issues and development best practices on the ground and to make this knowledge... Read more
February 10
WAGENI TOKA DAILY BREAD LIFE MINISTRIES KUTOKA IRINGA TAREHE 18/11/2019 – Tarehe 18/11/2019 shirika letu lilitembelewa na ugeni kutoka Daily bread Life ministries kutoka Iringa. Kiongozi wa msafara alikuwa Askofu Mpeli Mwaisumbi wa kanisa la ACT FELLOSHIP ambaye ndiye mkurugenzi na mhasisi wa Ministri hii ya Daily Bread Life... Read more
February 9