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Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives -(PATNA)

Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives -(PATNA)

Head Office, Kibaha (Pwani) - Tanzania (East Africa).

Making Grassroots Ambassadors of Climate Change Mitigation at Kibaha Town Council

Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives -(PATNA) (Kibaha, Tanzania)
March 16 at 3:03 PM EAT (edited March 17 at 2:51 PM EAT)


The main objective of the proposed project is to practically implement climate change adaptation and mitigation measures at grassroots and family levels for sustainable development.

Problem Statement

It’s worth to note that urbanization in Kibaha Town is progressively growing. As such, the ground situation in the area shows presence of many ongoing human activities that are harmful to the environment and thereby, endangering the wellbeing of the future generation. Such like activities are those related to extensive cutting of trees (deforestation) for firewood, charcoal and timber and clearing land for building new houses and industries without clearly defined plans or stern measures to replant new trees...... (For more details on the Problem Statement, kindly e-mail: patna.org@gmail.com)

Project Outcomes

Our project is in line with goal number 13 of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and it will increase the number of voices and narratives in climate advocacy while also helping to strengthen social and political movements that open up for radical change at Kibaha Town Council (Tanzania).

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For more information concerning full project, do not hesitate to contact the Programme Coordinator - PATNA or E-mail: patna.org@gmail.com

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