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Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives -(PATNA)

Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives -(PATNA)

Head Office, Kibaha (Pwani) - Tanzania (East Africa).

A Project for Improving Computer Literacy in Kibaha District (Tanzania)

Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives -(PATNA) (Kibaha, Tanzania)
September 15, 2019 at 9:26 AM EAT (edited September 15, 2019 at 4:33 PM EAT)


Today's world is fully indulged in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) but there are still many villages in Tanzania where this root of computer technology has not reached yet. For Tanzania to develop and walk hand in hand with other developing countries it is imperative that at least basic computer education be imparted to her grass root population, to stop the big society from lagging behind in this domain. Thus, PATNA (Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives) proposes this project with the aim of improving computer literacy among Kibaha community members, by creating Community Computer Centers (CCC) in each Administrative Ward with above 5,000 total number of population alongside Kibaha District, in Pwani Region – Tanzania. According to Tanzania’s Population and Housing Census (2012) report, Kibaha District has a total number of 11 Administrative Wards with Total Population of 70,209 (Males 34,515 and females 35,694). However, the qualifying wards under this project are only 4 including Gwata (total population size of 5,280 people), Mlandizi (17,318), Kilangalanga (10,588) and Janga (10,926) respectively. For full Introduction, please E-mail us: patna.org@gmail.com  

Problem Statement

The real condition of rural education in the targeted locations is not impressive, and it’s still inadequate. In some rural villages, there are very few public primary and secondary schools; children have to travel far away distances to avail these facilities and most schools in these locations do not provide computer education. For full Problem Statement, please E-mail us: patna.org@gmail.com 

Project Ratioanale / Justification

The proposed project will enable school children obtain quality education as the foundation for improving people’s lives. For full Project Rationale, please E-mail us: patna.org@gmail.com 

Full Project Proposal/Budget & Funding / Donations


For any Donations / Fundraising or full information towards this proposed project, kindly E-mail us at: patna.org@gmail.com / or Visit our Website: www.envaya.org/patna-org

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