Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives -(PATNA)

Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives -(PATNA)

Head Office, Kibaha (Pwani) - Tanzania (East Africa).

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Fund Raising for the establishment of Kibaha Entrepreneurship Promotion and Assistance Centre (KEPAC) Project.

Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives -(PATNA) (Kibaha, Tanzania)
7 Septemba, 2019 06:29 EAT (ilihaririwa 15 Septemba, 2019 16:30 EAT)


Entrepreneurship is growing as a viable career path  available to the majority of youth, women and people with disability along Kibaha district areas in Tanzania as a panacea towards income poverty and unemployment syndrome. Poverty Alleviation for Tanzania Natives (PATNA) believes that these vulnerable groups in the society (Youths, women and disabled) can contribute to the national economy if they are empowered to see their present challenges as future opportunities. For full Introduction, please E-mail us: 

Problem Statement

Lack of entrepreneurship skills and unavailable training opportunities for school drop-outs, out of school youths, orphans, women, and people with disability have adversely demoralized them and affected their chances for self-employment motive. Not only that but also an entrepreneurship ecosystem conducive for them to start, grow, and sustain their businesses is still lacking. For full Problem Statement, please E-mail us: 

Project Rationale/ Justification

The idea of establishing Kibaha Entrepreneurship Promotion and Assistance Centre (KEPAC) aims at enabling the vulnerable groups in the society to turn their present socio-economic challenges into future opportunities for their livelihood through various capacity building strategies attached to the proposed project. The Centre is an innovative idea because it will be used by the targeted groups as the ‘nursery’ to nurture  their entrepreneurship and development ideas and thereby build up self confidence in them for attempting new things / entreprises. For full Project Rationale/Justification, please E-mail us: 

Requested Budget

The Total Budget for the establishment of the KEPAC Project is approxiamately US $ 14,300, for the following:- 

1. Costs for Building materials (Cement Blocks 5,000 x US 0.6 $) = US $ 3,000

2. Costs for 100 bags of cement @ US $ 6 each = US $ 600

3. Costs for 100 kg nails @ US $ 2 each = US $ 200

4. Cost for roofing materials (80 piece of iron sheets) @ 30 US $= US $ 2,400

5. Costs for treated timber (200 pieces) @ US $ 6 = US $ 1,200

6. Costs for labour charges (Building Construction) = US $ 1,500

7. Costs for electricity installation = US $ 600

8. Costs for Water system installation = US $ 400

9. Procurement of audio-visual equipment (2 Projectors)= US $ 800

10.Costs for Installation of audio-visual equipment = US $ 400

11. Training of IGA Groups (women, youths and disabled) = US $ 2,000

12. Administrative costs = US $ 1,200

TOTAL = 14,300

 For full Budget breakdown, please E-mail us: 

Full Project Proposal & Funding/Donations

For any Donations / Fundraising or full information towards the proposed project, kindly  E-mail us at: / or Visit our

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