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Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Puma, Tanzania

OVCC Organization is expecting to support the orphans and vulnerable children who are at school with school uniforms, school materials and school fees.

Duration in supporting these secondary and primary school students is from the Middle of November 2011 to the Middle of January 2012.

The secondary school orphans students are suposed to be supported are 35, and 50 orphans primary school students/pupils . So total 85 orphans children are suposed to be supported.

We want to support them in case of Testing their Learning potential after being provided with these materials in improving their learning.

They can try their best level of learning while being equiped by those school requirements.

We need your advices, contributions, etc, in making this task possible and causing these kind of children to succeed.

  Thanks, Jumanne Said (OVCC Member).


Mr Bernard Sungi is teaching the caregivers on how to fairly treat for the ovc and especially for their education in better laying of their foundation in good life for futurity. All attendants were touched so much with the lessons Mr Bernard was teaching.


ovc children are provided with school materials and clothes at Musambu village on 20th Augost 2011.All of them were very happy after being provided with those materials for school.The carers and village leaders attended too.


O.v.c.c members are supporting orphans and vulnerablechildren at Ihanja village.71 children were provided with school materials,secondary school students and primary school pupils and those who are not yet at school were provided with clothes. This event took place on 18th June,2011 at Ihanja village. O.V.C.C is still expecting to support other children at many other villages.We need your donation too for more service to more children. Thanks, Bernard Sungi (Director).

We are very excited about our new website and we hope to add much more information over the coming weeks concerning future events.  We are all looking forward to our upcoming seminar which will be held in the village of Ihanja on the 28th of May.

Peace Corps Volunteer Balima Spearing teaching OVCs and their caregivers about the importance of lishe bora during our last seminar in the village of Makiungu