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national network of Tanzania women with HIV/AIDS (NETWO)

national network of Tanzania women with HIV/AIDS (NETWO)

Sinza, Tanzania

a) Create awareness at all levels on the rights of women living with HIV/AIDS including formation of Groups for women living with HIV/AIDS in Regions.
b) Maintain close relationship with partners such as Family Health International through TUNAJALI project, RFE Delloitte and Ministry of Gender.
c) Conduct training workshop on Improving Community Literacy and ART expectation.
d) Organize women day in 2005 where by Women issues especially PLHIV women discussed and the remember of Passed PLHIV Women, where Candle light organized.
e) Participate in UN+ calendar so as to fight against and minimize Stigma.
f) Teamed up with TACAIDS in 2003 to form NACOPHA+.