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Musoma, Tanzania


Mara Widows Development Group is a women-lead non – profit making Community Based Organization (CBO) based in Musoma Municipal which was registered in May 2003 bearing a Certificate of Registration No.138412. The head office is located in Mukendo road Pamba House room 209. The organization was born out of the great concern for increasing number of orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV\AIDS pandemic. The main cause of the scourge was identified in the early twenties as poverty which arose from low literacy levels, low income communities, immorality and poor environmental management.

The organization started operations in Musoma rural and urban and then in Serengeti district where the organization is implementing environmental project.

The key drivers of the organizations operations are vision of the mission statement which is bound by the goals and objectives. The project activities fit within the bill of the millennium development goals of the poverty alleviation, sound environmental management, universal education, food security and improved public health.

The primary objective of the organization was to strengthen families and communities to provide care and support for children affected by HIV\AIDS. Providing care and support for orphans and most vulnerable children was the core activity but over years, the Organization has come up with an integrated package with several goals and objectives.

The primary focus of Mara Widows is to empower Caregivers of Orphans and Most vulnerable Children (OVC) through provision of revolving loans to enable them to increase household income to sustain care and support for their dependent children. As well, the organization has a fully integrated package of other development activities including environment conservation, education, and human rights interventions.


Mara Widows Development Group envisages transformed community in which all marginalized groups access to social and economic needs and realize their full potential in societies that respect and value peoples rights and dignity.


Improving social and economic wellbeing of the marginalized groups particularly women and children through facilitation and empowerment to increase levels of quality participation in the development process and building an active social movement for change.


Improving better livelihood of the marginalized segments through social, cultural and economic empowerment.


The Organization is set to move on and build a strong standing in Tanzania as a consistent partner in various sectors of public that enhances the quality of life in both rural and urban areas. Key goals that will will drive the organization's activities include: -

  1.  Community empowerment to sustain food security and poverty eradication.
  2. Imrovinh social and economic wellbeing of children affected by HIV/AIDS and vulnerable children through strengthening the capacity of families and communities to sustain family based care and support for children.
  3. Promoting human rights, gender equality and social justice.
  4. Ehancing community awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention to cope with social and economic challenges of HIV/AIDS impact mitigation.
  5. Promoting quality health and education
  6. Promoting sustainable environmental conservation and land management.